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My Old Home

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The dear oíd spot I the dear oíd spot! Of ohlldhood ne'er can be forgotl Though months and years maj pass avay, And we Ín distant lamia may stray, tts soenes troza mlnd we aeer can blot. Whea, after years of absence gons, Back to lts sllent halla we come. And view lts rooms and stairs, whero we Once playcd and sang and laughed la glae. And uil our childhood pranks wero done, Bow sacred seems the batten door, The Windows small and oaken floor- The broad stone hearth and tiro place wlde, Whose cheerful flies we sat beaide, And knelt our Saviour to adore t How vividly we cali to mlnd The faces now we can not ftoJ, Of father, mother, sisters, brothers, Who've orossed the vale of death with o thora, And all that's mortal left behindl Bolitnde relfrns npon thy hearth, 0 silent house I once fllled with mirth I Thy chambers 'bove and 'neath are stiU From sounds of voices loud and shrül. And forma now lald in Mother Earta. The famlly altar, board and hearth, Where oft we met in sacred mirth, Are all departedl the circle's b roken! And silence reigns where words wero spoken. In the old, old home so dear on earth. 1 walk the yard with verdure green, The hill-side slopes with rocks betweea, And drink again from fountaln cold. As once I did In days of old, When thirst was truly strong and keea. I see the rocks stlll hang and lie, Where birds both old and young oft fly, 'Mid shady nooks along the delL, With fragrance sweet and perfume smeU, Beneath a bright and cloudless sky. The baru and orchard still are there, Where in our childhood, free from care, We cllmbcd and strolled, as oft we ohosc To gather fruit as lusoious grows On troes of pippin rich and rare, 0 homol old homel my native placel 1 stand once more with tearful face 'Mid thy portals where I was taught To lisp the prayer I ne'er forgot, For pardon, peace and Heavenly grace. The Ups that taught me then are dear; They thrllled me oft with joy and cbeer; Now rm in tears, and they at rest, I long to join those ransomed biest, Wherf) grief and parting none shail four. What oan I do but bend the knee On tha lom spot ! and make my plea. And look through tears with saddened oye Far off to mansions in the skiest There may my home eternal bo. O dear art thou, while now 1 gaza On thee, old house, while time decays 1 Farewell I f arewetl I old house and home; ril think of thee where'er I roam, My "Home, sweet home" of other days I


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