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THE wil V OF IT. The new "Red Star" Oil we are now selling is beyond controversy the best Oil ever offered in this market. First: Because we pump it directly from our tanks on the Railroad. thereby avoiding coutact with the eoating of the Oil Ubis., and thus laving the oil as clear and clean aj distilled water. Second : The oil is, so to speak, from the heart of the crude oil, which leaves it free from paraffine and ota lighter gravity tlian ordinary "Water White' oil. For these reasons it will all bum out of the lamp, will not crust the wiek, does not Miioke when burning, gives a white light, and will sive your eyes, by the punty and the biilliancy of the light. Axk for Red Star Oil. - Buy of us and you will be sure to get what you ask for. Dean i Oo. 44 Main -st, South. G76-79. Magazine subscriptions at cut rateí, at Andrews & Co. G78 9 Citholic Prayer Books from 'la cents to $5.00 each, at Wahr's Bookstore. 676' tf Money to l.onn On first, class and first mortgage Real Estáte. Apply to S. H. Doug'ass. S. H. Douglass, I W. Hünt, Trustees. Ann Arbor, Dec. 1886. 626tf. Save noney on magazine periodical subscriptiojs. Cut rates at Andrews & Co. 678 9 Go to Andrews & Co. and see their immense v.ritty of olioice Chnstmas gifts and b ioks. 678 2000 ohoioe books at Andrews & Co. at 25c, 39c aud 50(!. 678 9 Doe. Simon'a Pleasant Barber Shop, direcïly opposite the eouth door of the court house, is the best place in the city for anythins; in bis line. Try it. 645 tf. Oysters hot ! Oysters cold! Oysters best - not When nine daya old - but Wtaen eaten a' M s. Pralt'8 Candy KiTcnEN, 23 Est Hurou Suest, served in different styles at all hours of the dav and evening. Seeour home-mnde candies in great variety, tresh and pure. Oldfashioned molasses candy a ppeciiltv. Freneh goodo hlwavs on hand. 677 79 Coke for Sale. The Ann Aroor Gas Cumpany having adopted ihe plan of burt.Kig cruiie oil iustead of coke can now supply coke to any who may wish it. 677-78w2 Don't fail to viait the leading Bookstore in the city - Wak Bookstore. 676 f All the Poets in Russia binding for 50 cents at Walr'a. 676 if Wahr's Holidy display is the best ever seen in the ciiy. 676 tf Taxidermy. Birds and Anuuals Mounted. Inslruotion given : Method easily acqmred in a few lessons. Terins very rea( nable. Jos. C. Dnrids. 48 S. 12th-st, Ann Arbor, Mich. 675-87 Helio 1 Helio I Helio I 35 I The enterprisias{ Druggist, Mr. H. T. Brown has taken the agency of Baxter's Lucky Star Cigar. Hereatter the lovers of a good smoke can be accommodated with a cigar for five cents that will prove, upon trial, superior to the ten ceGt eigars sold. Thfi Lucky Star is pure Havana filler and guaranteed unflavored. H. J. BROWN, Sole Ag't. Ask for the Luckv Star, Only ñve cents Toledo, Ana Arbnr mul Korth MichiKun ItailHHj lniiimii;. N TICE. Notice ia hereby g ven, that there will be a special meeting of the st ckliolders of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Noth Michigan Riilway Company, at the Company's office in Toledo, OM , on Mouday, February 27 th, A. D., 1888, t 11 o'clock. The object ot this meeting; is to ap prove or reject the agreement for consol idation, heretofore made by the Boaid-; of Directora of the Toledo Aun Arbor & North Michigan and the T ledo, Ann Ar bor i Cadillac Railway Company, and for the trangaction of such other bnsiness as may properly come boforn said meeting. C F. Cook, Se'-retary. Dated Toledo, 0. D c. U 1887. Forest HUI ( pinitirj tompany. The atinual meeting of the st 0Khuliier- of Foreit Hill Cemetery Company will be held at iheir offic t on the unds on Tuesday, January 3, 1888, at 10-30 a. m., for the purpose of elec;iig three Trustees for full terms umi one trustee n place of Emanuel Manu, deceased, aid the transaction of sucli oiher business as may properly come betore the meetinp. W. W. Win. Sec'y. Ann Abbos, M oh.. Dec. 20, 1887. 20 to 50 per cent. discount allowed on all Miscellaneous Bonk-;, at Wahr's. 07 fi 'f YOU CAN GET IT Calkins' Drug Store 34 South State-st. 663-714 GRAND OPERA HOUSE ! Thursday Evening, DECEMBER 29th. A WORLD OP FUN ! Engagement of the Eminent Germán Dialect Comedian and Vocalist, Mr. Chas. A. Loder And a Company of Comedlans in the latest laughing Buccess, " HILARITY " Fnn, Music, Mirth, Melodf, Special Scenery, Stage Settiug, Properi iis, etc. The above Excellent Comp&ny is accompanled by the Cele"ratd ' Hilarity " Patrol Band and Orrhestra Under the direction of Pkof. Edwabd Howson. ADMISSION, 35, 50 and 75 Cts. No extra charge for reaerved seats, now on aale at Wahr'n BookBtore. CHRISTMAS I handkerghiefsaleI AT D. F. Schairer'sj Outrivals all previous 1 forts in this direction. A choice of over 600 dozen I to select from at 3c, 5c, 10c, 15c, 20c and 25c. 'J The most beautiful styles I ever shown. MUFFLERSI MUFFLERS! At 25c, Extra Weight in Colored and White. At 35c, Beautiful Polka Dot and elegant Combinations in Silk and Wool Material. At 50c, Extra Heavy Mufflers in Silk and Wool in Colors and great variety of Patterns. At 75c, Cashmere and Silk ï Mufflers, beautiful styles. At $1 pure Silk Muffler, warm and sightly very Rich in White, Cream and Colors. They are worth $1.50. At $1.50 we show some Rich Brocade Patterns in Cream and Tints. Sold in one store up street at $2.50. There is no stock of Mufflers in the City more complete than ours. New styles in Table Covers. Large size Tinsel Table Covers at $1.50 each. All Wool large size Embroidered Table Covers at $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 each. Special Sale Embroidered Back, Real Kid Gloves for Christmas at $1.00 and $1.50 a pair. Rich Black Silks at $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50. 100 Wear Resisting Silk Umbrellas at $2.50, $2.75, $3. , and $3.50, Specially gotten up for our Christmas Trade with beautiful Gold and Silver Handles. In Leather Goods we show some very excellent attractions in Ladies Long Pocket Books made of Russia Leath ■ er, at 50c, 75c and $1.00. Hand Bags in New Shapes at 50c, 75c and f 1.00. Our display of White Lawn Aprons is the finest ever shown in the City. 15 dozen, 4 Tucks and Trimmed with Lace at 25c. 10 dozen Fine Lawn Trimmed with Embroidery at 35c. 5 dozen Extra Large Trimmed with Embroidery at 50c. 3 dozen very fine French Aprons, Deep Embroidery and Trimmed with Ribbons at 75c, $1.00, $1.50 and $2.00. Don't forget when looking for a Christmas present to step up in our Cloak Department and select a handsome Plush Sacque, Wrap, Newmarket or Raglán. Also for the Children, Newmarkets with Capes or Hoods, at $3.00, $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00. Linens, Napkins, and Towels, Beautiful Knotted Fringe Towels, Fancy Border, at 25c, 50c and 75c. i Cream Table Damask at 25c, 30c, 40c and 50c per yard. White Satin Damask Table Linen at 50c, 65c, 75c and $1.00. Linen Napkins at 75c, $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50 per dozen. You can save money buying Holiday Goods at D. F. SOHAIRER. A


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