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Glorious California

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A lette? from E. E. SheldoD, dated at San Diego, in December, to his sister, Mrs. A. H. Holmes, of Ann Arbor, describes his western trip. He says : " As we got farther and higher, the nights were cold, days clear and fine. Some of the highest rocks were as beautiful as ruins of castles. At one place, the Indians had dug into, over, and under a cream-colored rock, for their dwellings, which were of every height, position, and angle imaginable. I called them the 'cliff dwellers.' I spent one day and night at Riverside, the great orange point, and rode seven miles down Magnolia avenue, in the midst of orange groves worth $1,000 and $2,000 per acre, bordered by the most beautiful evergreen trees, - magnolia, eucalyptus, rubber, pepper, cypreas, etc., - and ornamental hedges. Cypress hedge trimmed to any form fancy can imagine grows close and fine. There is a great variety of flowers in bloom now. The geranium grows stout and woody; clinibs over the fence or up the house, higher than aDy head. Great, pure white callas look out troin their bunch of dark green leaves three feet thick and four feet high. Men swimming in the open sea ! The weather is beautiful ; every day clear and warm ; nights cool. We have had two or three rain?, and the green begins to show on the elopes among the sage-brush and cacti."


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