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Modern lieedles first carne into use in 1545. Harvard distributed $53,000 to indigent studente last year. In the time of Kin Edward II the price of the Bible in England was C!7. . Electric Ughts are now boins usod by submarino divers wtth great effect A phrendogist has been making money of late in Washington examining tho bumps on senatorial heada. Most of the London ehurdies have offercc) up prayera for tin; recovery of tho crown print'i' of Germany. Volapuk is publiely taught in Franco, Germany, Kwitzcrland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Russia, and Denmark. The Grand Army has increased f rom 60,68 in 1880 to 378,674 in 1887. Thegain in the past year and a quarter was 4,1.7. An immense hunting expedition isabout to start f or Masiiiland, the ground of Rider Haggard's last novel, "Allan Quatermain." The hospital Saturdny fund in London amounts to L)0,000 this year. Collections are made overy Kalurday in workshops and factorios. Several Oerman firma have given notice to bouses in Bradford, whcre there are many Qermans, tbat they will adopt Volapuk in corresponding with English manufactui-ers. The I,ondon Times says that a few weeks ago ome excavattons at Fompcü brought to light a set of surgieal instrumonts, many of which reseinble instrumints In use at the present day. John Edman, an Ohio man, proposeg to start a daily ncwspaper in the Finnish language at Iahpermng, Sticb., Jan. 1. lt will le the only daily in that languago publishod in the United States. A Mame man as an experiment elipped the fleeec (rom a pet Newíoundland lop; andUad it carded api spun into y.-rrn. It yielded four skeins of jet black yarn, weighing two and one-quiu-ter pounds, and was as soft as wool. A solid lump oí eoal, containlng eigbtyseven cuhic foet and weighing Ü,il poulfds, was exhibited at the Texas state fair recently held at Dallas. It was the largest block of coal ever taken f rom a mine in the United States. Itissaidthat the most acceptable of all holiday presente to a lady f rom her husband or brother, or any f riend who has a right to give it, is a long, narrow strip of tinted paper on whieh is written: "Pay to the order of Í- , -c." Mr. and Mr?. Lewis, an American couple, have been traveling for tour nionths through Europe on a tandem cycle. Their joint expenses by this modo of traveling have been limited to twenty-six shillings a day, . seeing fees inelüded. Mr. Jesse Haworth, of Bowdon, Cheshire, has presentad to the British museum tho throne chair of Queen Hatasu, of the eighteenth Egyptian dynasty, B. C. 1000. This is the oldest piece of furniture in the world, the date of whieh is known. An examplo of economy was that of Ignatz Freund in bis Detroit store, who lighted the gas jets one af ter another with a single match until it burned his flngers, and then droppod it into a pile of cotton, the result of which was a general panic and a damage of $1,500. In France 131,7:54,827 francs are expended on public instruetion, and 12,936,055 on the fine arts. There is an elementary school for e very 472 inhabitants, and a primary attendance of 8,888,086. Of the entire appropriation thla yenr 81,460,000 francs wero set down for primary edujaUon. Recently a consignment of 18,870 boxes of raisins frcm Kresno, Cal., were shipped via the Sunset route to New York. The wcight of the consignment was 417,000 pounds, and it occupird a special train of twenty cai's. It was the lara'st sintrle sliipment of freight ever made fiono California, and regular rates were paid. A Philadelpbia merchant says that, in opening the mail in the morning, he always reserves tor lust fchoee lettere which have "The Honorable" prèflxëd tö the address. His ejqwrience has been that in nine cases out of ten they are written by jxirsons who ask souie favor, and make use of the prefix in a mild attempt at flattery. In Buenos Ayres there is a bank which has a paid up capital of $57,000,000, deposits of i 135,000,000, and a lino of discounta ainountingto $60,00 ),000. The Argentine Republio importa $50,000,000 worth of goods, and of this sum the United States gets only J5,000,I 000. The country is already a powerful comI petitor in th market of the world for dressed I beef and wheat. A Chicago clergyraan, in a recent sermón ou the vice ei great cities, gave a severa rap at certain eminent divines who have been in the habit of visiiinu the slums to obtain ocular evidence of their iniquity. "I havo not personaJly visited the vile places oí the city for the purpose of afterward preaehing about theni," said ue; "that is too tliin." Whereupon the oongregation audibly smiled. Indications now point to ttoe existence of a Bub-marine voleanic cráter between the Canary lslands and the coast of Portugal. From a cable laying steamer in 39 degs. 35 mins. north, 9degg. öt min, west, the water wasfound to measure 1,300 fathoms Kader the bow and 800 under the stern, showiiig the ship to be over the edge of a deep depresslon i in the ocean bottom. The well known gruat i Inequalities in the bed of the Sea of Lisbon ure thuught to be due to a submarino chain of mountains.


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