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Some Queer Mishaps

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William Merritt, of Newark, lost the ea,f of his leg by the accidental discharge of his gun while hunting in tho Berkshire woods. Patrick Hannon, of Springfleld, Mass., 17 years of age, must do without his right hand in future. He was shooting dueks when his gun burst, and the fmgers of that hand went flying after the game. Capt. Reynolds, of Raddon Court, Laicfc ford, England, lost his life by his guu exploding as he was climbing a fence. The charge shattered his left knee, and amputation did nat save Uim. James Evauson carne into Washington, N. C.,from the country to buy an nx. While departáis trom tlie store with his parábase he dropped it and it Ml on lus ngnt toot, eompletely wvcring the second toe. Miss Catherine Simonds, who lived near Beadiiig, Eugland, lost har life wbilo hunting. Her horee stumbled in a rabbit hole, Miss Simonds feil and her horse kieked out her brains bef ore she couli 1 be rescued. With his hand hanging; In ahreds, WiHiam Erwin, of Morris Flaina; N. J., walked to a hospital, where the wounded member was unijmtated. He had been hunting rabbits, and his gun ivas prematurely discharged. John and Cyrus Mark, of Pueblo, Colo., went duck shooting, and, seeing a flock, wero creeping upon them through the brush. Cyrus was just behind his brother. His gun caught in the brush and was discharged, and John feil dead, having received the contents in his back. James Loveless, a railroad section boss, was riding on a railroad Iticycle ou the Pemberton and Seashore railroad, when he was overtaken by an extra train, consisting of an engiue and Superintendent Bannard's special car, and bis machine run down. He was killed outrlght


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