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Many Millions Lost

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WiSHEIGTOjt, l'c. JU. - Commissioner Carroll U. Wnsht has submitted to tlie Secretary of the Interior the tfctal annual reTiort of the Burean oí Labor, which relates entdrely to strikes and lock-outs for the six yeara endea Djcemb r 81, 1886. The report covctr about 700 pac:.;.-, and pives tha detiils of each strike and loek-ont ooourrlng In the United Statea durins the period nan8d Ie oxlnbrts the iacts be;onging to each lndnBtdal ti-ouble lor each loc.Uny, without atteinpting to establish or decide upoa the oonnect on between them. The (oüowlng table summariiea the number oí strUes diirmg tne period covered: YEAIV. -5 . g Tr; 17i ,(8 6.a g? :::;-:: ::::::: w . uet"." """ li4u 9-89S !L? Totals Ii 5:1 In 1887, the report saya, there were, accordmg to the best information obtainable, S53 strikes, details of which are not availThe report shows that durin? the eix years covered by the investigation New York had the larpest number ot establishments aliected both by strikes and lock-outs, there for the former ü,247 and for the latter 1.52& The building trades fumlshed 0,060 of the total nuin" ber oL establishments eugaged in ütrikes. The total number of employés involved in the whole number of sorikes for the entire period was 1,:{1,124:. The number oL employés originating the strikes was 1 020 s:t2. The number of employés inall c-stabliisüineiits Deroro ine Büimra vcurred was 1,802,045, agalpBC 1,036,247 atter the strikes occnrred, a loss of 2o, 98. There were l0l!,038 new employés engaged after the strikes, and :7,is:! were brought f rom other places thaa thosj in which the strikes ocnurred. In 2,182 establishment lock-outs were ordered during the period namecl In theee there were 17:i,095 employés before the lock-outs ooonned and I(i9,4:t! aíter the lock-outs, wlu.e the number actually locked out was 1. ")',. "K. There were 13 976 new employés secured at the close of iock-outs, and 5,(382 were brought from other places than those in which thfi lonk-outs oocurred. "It should be remembered, liowever," Baya the report, "iaat these figures do not represent the actual nmnbers ot individual establiehmene or different employés engaged as in many cases there have been two or more striKes or lock-outs affecting the same es'abüshment la the samo year. In ench cases the establishment and the number of employés engaged are duplicated. " An f x -iiniaation of the tables appended to the report shows that New York, Pennsylvania Massachusetts, Ohio and Illinois represent 74.74 per cent of the whole mimber of establlshments attected by I strikes throughout the country, and 90.80 -„o. „ +!, l-rtV ruit. TliftSfi five per ceiiu ui lulo iv.-vu - i States contain 49 per cent, of all ttie manufacturing establishments and employ 53 per cent of the capital lnvolved in mercantile industries of the United States. The results of the strikes, so fur as galning the objects sought are concerned, are Bhown to be as follows: Successes followed in 1 047 cases, or 40. 59 per cent oí tha whole, and failure followed in H.910 casee, or 39. 89 per cent ot the whole. By lock-outs, 564 establishments, or 25 85 per cent, oí the wnole, succeeded in gaining their pointe; 190, or 71 per cent partly succeeded, and 1,305, or 59.80 per cent failed. Disclaiminsf absolute accuracy, the report HvP thp. losses of employés and employers resulting trom strikes and lock-outs as follows- Losses to s'rikers during the ix yeare 851,816,103; loss to employés íbrough lock-outs, $8,132,717; or a total wage loss to employés of $oJ,H8 882 This loss occurred for botn strikes "and lock-outs in 21,518 establishment, or an average loss oï $2,44o to cach establishment, or of nearly $40 to each striker involved. The assistance given to Btrikers during the same period, so f ar as ascertainable, amounte to $:i,:!25.057; to those suffering from lock-outs, $1,105, öd, or a total of $4,4:50,595. The amounts, however, the commissioner says, are undoubtedly too low. The cmployerb' losses through strikes amounted to "$:!0,732,653; through lockout, $3,:S42,2tl, or a total loss to the establishments involved of $34,164,914.


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