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Real Estate Transfers

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Following Í9 a list of the real estáte transfers in Washtenaw county, as recordd by the register of deeds, for week ending Januarj 30, 1888. Ira Carpenter and wife to Kobt. Martin, Superior g 1200 August Dupslauf to Herrmann Langer, Anu Arborcity 700 James W. Sweeting et. al to Chas Reinhart, Superior 2500 Alice A. Geraghty to James C. Geraghty, Chelsca.. ioo Chas. H. Kempf to James C. Geraghty, Chelsea 128.80 Carrie E. Abbott to Adelbert J. Wooster, Northlield HO George ïaylor and wife to Joseph Slapesh, Urna 200 James Kagan (by will) to W. W. Eagan Mary King to Andrew De Forest, Ann Arbor. Isa.c Taylor (by heirs) to George Taylor, Chelsea 750 AnzelinaSkinner to John B. Kkinner (power ofatl'y) ISBac Taylor (by heirs) to Thomas Taylor, Lima 160 Peter D. and M. E. Martin lo John S.and W. McDowell. Ypsilami 3000 Geo. 8. Bruah (by ex.; to C. O. Brufh. Ann Arbor _ 3200 Thomas DuffV to Marv Cross, Ypsilanti city. 275 C. B. Gay to Marimla Olymer, Milan vill.... 140 Sarah Smith (by adm.) to Francis J. Combs, Augusta 100 Ansel B. Shay to Alfred Smlth, Augusta 425 Geo. E. Whitmau (by sheriff) to E. L. Headstone, Ypsilanti 518