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Real Estate Transfers

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Followiog is a list of the real estáte transfers in Washtenaw county, as record d by the register of deeds, for week ending Fabruary 6, 1888. H. LouisaSaekett to Presbyterian church (in trust) Ann Arbor. 1 A. B. Palmer (by will) to Brown Palmer fit. ftl ..... Spencer' BÖycë'tö First Baptist church of Lyndon - 1 Raphael Kopp to George Jackson, Superior yll .. 1250 C. A. Nlm to J. S. Waterbury. YpiilanU. 1325 C. H. Kempf to Alice A. Ctoraughty, Chelsea yll 130 E. O.'Xïlen to G. W. Alln, Bridgewater 1020 6. W. Allen to E. O. Allen, Bridgewater 1200 M. Holbrook to Mary K. Kogen, YpailanH cy ...„ 269 M. Clawïon tÖMagdelina Easton, Ypsilantl city 1000 Auditor General to Hudson T. Morton, Ypsilantl city and Manchester Delphlna Bndd to Robert Campbell, Pitteaéld - S700 David L. Gates to W. W. Whitlark, Ann Arbor " Thomas Richards to S. C. Blinn, et. al., trustees, Milan vil 1M E. S. and A. L. Tate to John Jenkius, Manchester 8040 John Jenklns to Frank Jenkins, Bridgewater. 7000 Frank Jenkinsto John Jenkins, Bridgewater 1200 Frank Jenkins to H. R. Palmer, Bridgewater 5000 I N. Aldrlch to Henry and LoulM Keedle, Ann Arbor city 950 Christlan Wurster to Mack & Schmid, Freedom _ - 3687 August Krnmrel to J. and A. Krnmrel, Ann Arbor city 0 Auditor General to D. O. Baker, Angusta Lyman Dennis to John Uubbard, Augusta. 150