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Real Estate Transfers

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The following is a hst ot the rea! estáte transfers in Washtenaw county, as recorded by the register of deeda, for the week endinpr March 26, 1888. Emma S. and Peter I. Decker to Joseph K. Tuttle, Ypsilanti $ 400 Lucy A. and J. J. Pratt to Joseph K. TutUe, Ypsilanti 400 Platt & Rorison to A. J. Clark. Ypsilanti. 2500 W. H. Warner to C. H. Wilson, York 3000 B. F. Morton to C. H. Wilson. Augusta... 300 G. 8. Wheeler to Elizabeth Perkins, Salem 350 8e)by Drury to Elizabeth Conaty, Chelsea _ 900 Lewis Hoenes to Henry O. Chance, Bridgewater 800 L. D. Pierce to K, C. Dolson, Ypsilanti city 285 A. W. Torrey to O. L. Torrey, Sharon 300 David W. Noyes fby will) to M. J. Noyes Samuel Eutchinson (by heirs) to 8. B. Oullon, Ann Arbor city. 35,000 D. M. Uhl (by sheriff) to Eliza B. Dunham, Ypsilanti 46S7.21 I. L. Carpenter to Frank Bush, Superior. 2200 O. C 8w eetland to L. H. Sweetland, Lodi. 3200 L. H..8weetlandto O. C. Sweetlaud, I.odi. 3200 John Fletcher to Mary E. Fletcher, Sharon 1 Mary Chambers (by ex.) to Mary Hendry, Ann Arbor city 1800 O. A. Wilsey to Mary C. Wilsey, Lyndon. 5000 Hulhah Co.e to E. M. Roberts (power of att'y Emily A. C. Roberts to Huldah Cole, Ann Arbor city 1 Theodore Jackson to Jacob Meyers, Superior 20S Richard Reeves to Robert Hunter, Anu Arbor city 050 Richard Reeves to Conrad George, Anu Arbor city 650 Leonard Strobel to Geo. Schlegel, Bridgewater 2200 Richard Sutton (byheire) to Ann Sutton, Manchester 1 Elizabeth M. Allen to Ann Sutton, Manchester _ 400 Alzina Mathews to G. M. and A. Sutton, Manchester 1 John Gordon to David Gordon. Saline.... 100