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The old common council held its last meeting last Thursday evening, at which there was a full attendance, and the incomicg city officers and aldermen wereon hand to get their "hand in." The most important thing of the even ing was Health Offioer Breakey's annual report, which was as follows : HEALTH OFFIOEE's REPORT FOR THE YEAR. ''The health officer respectfully reports that the general health of the city for the past year has been good. In the early part of the year there was a great prevalence of measlee, and through the fall and winter diphtheria has prevailed to a very serious and fatal extent. "Accompanying this is the mortuary report for the year ending March 31, 1888. The causes of death cannot be given with technical accuracy, as reports of deaths are not made to the health officer either by physicians or householders except in special cases. Neither can I give classification by sexes, as the report of one of the undertakers does not give full christian names. In my opinión the list contains the names of some who were not residents of the city. "With the growth of the city the need of sanitary supervisión increases. We cannot depend too far on our natural advantages of gravelly sub strata, good air and general salubrity, to maintain the high character of our city as a healthful place in which to live. "The duties of a health officer are varied, difficult, often perplexing, and, at least under the present order of things, unsatisfactorily fulfilled. The law eives boards of health great power notninally, and the public seem to expeci mai me power can be executed without other support, iorgetting that theBe, like all laws, can only be enforced where there is a public sentiment demanding it, and where the city, in its corporate capacity, sets the example to the citizen. "There is sufficient work in any eity of 10,000 inhsbitants tooccupy a goodhealth officer a large portion of his time in looking after sanitary conditions, and in my opinión, no money would be more wisely expended than in paying a good salary to a competent man who would undertake the work and devote his whole time to it. "Hundreds of complaints of various kinds have been made to the health omcer and board, mo6t of them of nuisances or offenses needing attention, the greater nutnber, by far, of privy vaults and cesspools. These also constitute the greatest danger to public health, and occasion the greatest need for sewers. "I would recommend to the successors of this board that a house-to-üouse mspection oL the whole city be made as was done aboutfour years ago, and report on accompanying blanks. Many nuisances and offensee, and causee of sickness not otherwise known (and of ten not complained ot by neighbora unwilling to risk offense) are thus discovered and removed. "The question of sewers is too large to discu38 in detail in a report of this kind, and I will only say bere that I know no more important or worthy work to engage the attention of those who legislate for us, nor none which may benefit the city more than a good system of sewers. "But in my opinión, we can better wait till we can secure a good 6ystem than to have a poor system at once. And I would suggest that the board recommend to the council the employment of a competent engineer to examine and report upon plans, cost, etc, and that information be piooured as to sewer systems in dififerent cities of similar size and situation. "The question of draining into the river (in the opinión of a well qualified legal adviser) is not likely to meet objections as it might have done before so many paper and pulp milis and the University sewer drained into the river. The current of water would soon oxidize a large amount, oí sewerage. "Bespectfully submitted, "W. F. Breaket, Health Officer." MorialUy Report for the city of Ann Arlor from April, 1887, io April, 1888, madefrom report furnished by undertakers. Accident 2 General Debillty 5 " Railway 2 Heart disease 13 Apoplexy 2 Inflam'n of :Bowels... 6 ABthma 1 " Braln 1 BloodPolson 4 Malarial Fever 1 Cáncer _ 6 Meaales 6 Child Birth 2 Old Age..„ - 12 Cholera In fan turn 12 Paralysis 3 Consumption 23 Pneumonía _... 7 Convulsiona 4 Rheumatism 1 Cronp „ 2 Still Born 8 Dlphtheria 16 Tonsilitis 2 Diseaae of Kldneys 7 TyphoidFever 1 Drowned (accidental). 1 Unknown 1 Dropsy 4 Whooping Cough 1 Toul 156 Sixty of these deaths were of persons under 15 years of age, and the average age of the 156 was 29. 00 TO THE COURTS, MR. NEIDH AMMEK I The general fund committee reported as follows relative to the claim of Moses Neidhammer for $500 : 1. No proof has been presented that the accident occurred by reason of a defect in sidewalk . 2. The injuries received were slight. 3. We believe that such cases can be better adjusted in the courts where witness can be properly examined and damages awarded by a jury. If the council once begins the custom of paying claims of this character, we may be confident that the number presented will be conBtantly increased. For these reasons we recommend that the claim be not allowed. It wa8 signe d by G. F. Allmendinger, Nelgon Sutherland, and, Amariah Hammond. THE LAHORER IS WORTBT OF HIS HIRE. Alderman Kearns introduced a resolution, which passed, authorizicg the recorder to procure a gold dollar, have it suitably ingcribed, and pay it over to Mayor W. B. Smith as his salary for tb past year. Resolutions thanking the mayor and recorder were adopted. WILL PAT $800 FOR IT. City attorney Joslyn reported relative to the church-Bt opening that lot 8 of block 1 of R. I. Smith's second Bddition could be be bought for $800 of Mr. Sheeley, and the purchase was authorized. BILLS ALL0WED. The followiDg amounts were allowed : lst ward fund 8.00 . i „ 21.98 3d ■ ' ;. 2.50 4h .. " 16.58 ■stVi " " 5 50 eis " ..::i!;; im Generalstreet fund 12-1 General fund 376.00 Contingent fund "95.99 Election Expenses 205.00 Ï1246.20 POOR REPORT. City Marshal Sipley reported that he had helped the poor in Maroh, 1888 to the following amount: lstWard 33.34 OA lö.Ofi a ■ :;;. ■.■;.■.":;.■.'."■.;.'.""..".' && ?,h n 156.99 I : EEE==::::::::::::::::::: J395.68 CITY TREASURER's REPORT. The city treasurer, John Moore, reported for Dec. 1887, and January and February, 1888, as follows: On hand Nov., 1887 5.10 Received 19,888.12 Disbursements WA%' On hand 8,995.49 The city treasurer also presented his March report, and a letter from Chas. E. Hiscock, cashier of the Ann Arbor Savings bank, stating that Mr. Moore had $7,376.00 of city money on deposit.


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