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The New Common Council

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At the meeting of the new common council, Monday eventng, there was a full attendance, with the new mayor and recorder in tbeir places. On the first informal ballot tbr marshal, Mr. Sipley received 9 votes and A. H. Fillmore 5, and on the formal ballot, Mr. Sipley had 8 and Mr. Fillmore 6. Mr. Sipley was thus continued as marshal. On the informal ballot tor city treasurer, John Moore received 7 ; Z. Roath, 4 ; G. H. Pond, 3. The first formal ballot stood : John Moore, 6 ; G-. H. Pond, 4 ; C. Roath, 4. The extra ballot given to Mr. Pond was next given to Mr. Moore. On the next ballot Mr. Moore received 8, sufficient to elect him ; Mr. Pond, 4 ; Mr. Roath 2. For city attm-oey, Zina P. King was eleoted on the first ballot. Judge Joslin had 2 votes; J. F. Lawrence 2; J. V. Sheehan, 2. Prof. J. B. Dav8 was elected city engineer. Dr. C. G. Darling was made city physician. The board of health was elected as follows : Dr. W. F. Breakey, H. B. Dodsley, and Eli Moore. Alderman Hammond offered the following resolution which waa adopted : Resolved. That the treasurer of the city now to be elected shall be reqnired to furnish with each monthly statement an atfidavit from the cashier of the bank in which the city funds are deposited, showing the amount of funds in s&id bank at time of the statement for the month. Juliett J. Wines, Alta E. Wilmot, Mrg. A. S. Hall and C. C. Wilmot petitioned that a sidewalk be built on the north side of Wilmot-st between Washtenaw and Elm. A. E. Jennings, as secretary of the building committee of the Í3. O. A., asked that thev be Dermitted to use the side of State-8t in front of their lot for placing building material. Alderman Herz offered the following which was referred to street committee : Resolved, That permission begranted to Heinzmanu & Laubengayer to build a side-track across W. Washington-st east of the T. A. A. & N. M. R, R. track. Alderman Wines ofiered the following, which was carried : Benolved, That the mayor appoint a committee of flve, of which the mayor and city attorney shall be members, for the purpose of revising or amendiiiK the city charter, to report to this body on or befors the first regular meeting in November. The mayor appointed Aid. Wines Allmendicger and Kearns. Another resolution was carried which empowered the committee to employ a secretary and to obtain such materials and sdvice as may be necessary to a proper execution of their work. Aid. Hammond offered the following, which w&s referred to the street committee to report at the May meeting : Resolved, That the approaehes to the Fontiac street bridge be taken out from the middle of the street and put in thelr proper places, and the crossing be built ai soon as possible. Fred Myer was appointed janitor of the Fifth ward engine house ; Mr. Cleaver was made janitor of the Sixth ward engine house. Recorder Bach offered the following, which was adopted : Resolved, That the flnance committee be requested to report at the next meeting of the councll the financial condition of the city and an estímate of the necessary ordinary expenditures for the year, together wfth the amount available in the various funds on Feb. 1, 1889, subject to the order of this council. The recorder was instructed to receive bids for interest on city deposits, and report the same to the council. The finance committee was given the usual sum of. $25 to investígate the books of the treasurer and recorder, and it was allowed $50 for clerk hire. Aid. Allmendiuger, Herz, Miller, ker and iáutherland, were appointed a committee to review official bonda. The following committees were appointed: Finance- Martin, Wines, Allmendinger. General Fund - Herz, Allmendinger, Miller. Streets- Sutherland, O'Mara, Spokes, Barker, Ware, Martin. SidewBlks- Kearns, Allmendinger, Herz, Hammond, Miller, Wines. Fire - Miller, Sutherland, Hammond. Pólice - Ware, Wines, Herz. License - Recorder, Kearns, Spokes. Parks- O'Mara, Barker, Spokes.


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