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Fire has devastated three estates at Matanzas. Cuba. Tfce address of the women of Berlin to the Empresa contains 10,000 signaturen Four thousand Irish emigrantB sailed írom Queenstown on Thursday f or America. Emperor Frederiok has given 40,000 marks for the relief of the sufferers at Posen. J. H. Timmerman was hanged on Friday at Goldendale,W. T., for the mnrder of William Bterling. Hoffman's paper milis near Ashland, Ind., were burned Monday, causing a loss of $50,000. A large flow of petroleum was strnck at Leavenworth, Kan., on Monday at a depth of 1,806 f eet The principal business block at Cherokee, Kan., was destroyed by ftre on Saturday. Loss, $100,000, ■William Millman, for the murder of Mary Tupling, was hanged on Tuesday at Charlottetown, P. E. L J. D. Allen & Bros., large land and cattle owners at Hartland, Kan., f aüed on Monday for $100,000. An expert reporta the accounts of S. M. Weir, for fourteen years treasurer of New Albany, Ind., $70,000 short The new copper rolling-milis at Dollar Bay, Mich., the largest in the world, were started Monday morning. Edward James Holmes, clerk of the Supreme Court of Iowa, died suddenly Friday at Des Moines, aged 58. George K. Amour and hls 15-year-old son were burned to death in their house near Cedar Gap, Mo., on Tuesday. An explosión in a dynaniite factory at Grenoble, Trance, killed nine persons and others were eeriously injured. T. B. Jotras, a prominent and wealthy lnmber merchant, died at his home in Terre Haute, Ind. , Tuesday, aged 63. The late Eniperor William is said to have left the Bum of thirty marks to every invalid soldier of the war of 1870. General Q. A. Gilmore, the nero of Fort Pulaski during the late war, died in Brooklyn, N. Y., Saturday, aged 63 years. Boys near Galconada, Ind., on Monday drove away with stones a couple of Mormon missionaries seeking converts. In a quarrel on Tuesday at Omaha, Neb., a Germán named Damke killed his wif e and fatally injured his daughter-in-law. An explosión of natural gas at the Muncie (Ind.) pulp-works Sunday did $1,000 damage and killed a workman named Grim, Fire Monday morninj destroyed the Leydon House at Atlanta, Ga., the guests narrowly escaping. The loss is $23,000. Sir John A. Macdonald expressed himself on Friday as being in favor of commercial reciprocity between Canada and the United States. A new trial was refnsed " Blinky Morgan at Ravenna, O., Tuesday, and he was sentenced to be hanged in the penitentiary June 1. Luther Shaffer, aged 22 yeare, was hanged Wednesday at Lock Haven, Pa,, for the murder of Isaiah Colby and his wife last August The authorities at Castle Garden have decided to send back to Italy twelve boys who were sent over in destitute circumBtancea A movement is on foot at New York to send to France a stat ue of George Washington as a jjresent from the women of America. The business portion of Tavares, In Southern Florida, an important railroad center, was almost totally wiped out by flre on Monday. General Terry will be given a reception at New Haven, Conn., on his return from Florida, He is talked of for Governor of Connectlcut. The new municipal board of Mount Carroll, DL, voted at their organization on Saturdav to crrant no liauor license in that town for one year. Myron T. Bailey, a prominent lawyer of Madison, Wis., ex-circuit court clerk and ex-assistan t State treasury agent, died Monday evening, aged 57. Orations euloglzing the life and services _ of the late Justice Waite were deliv' ered in the United States Supreme Court at Washington on Monday. The Department of Agrioulture reporta the condition of winter grain to be: In Michigan, 7G; Indiana, 75; Dlinois, 74; Missouri, 82; Kansas, 97. In Union County, S. CL, a girl of 11 and a a boy of 'J quarreled, and the boy plunged the blade of his pocket-knife into her heart, killing her instantly. A number of Government employés in the Boston custom-house struck on the 9th because of the many kours they were requlred to work and uniust treatment William Steele was arrested at Paduoah, Ind., Tuesday, for the murder oí Mra Barnes at Yienna, HL , Saturday. He oonfessed the killine, but claimed self-def ense, Owlng to the pressure of his parishloners Father Audran has been compelJed to expel a colored girl, Julie Soott, from the St AloysiuH Catholic school at Jeftersonville, Ind. Bamuel W. Brooks, father of Hugh ML Brooks, the murderer of Arthur Preller, has wrltten an appeal to the American people asking thathis son be saved from the gallows. The Novelty Aerial Shlp Company, with a capital of $1,000,000, was organized Monday at Jersey City, the object being to manufacture and opérate ships to travel through the air. Mrs. Lucy Lester, of Frederick, one of the wealthiest and most prominent ladies in Maryland, committed suicide on Tuesday by hanging. Domestic troublea were the cause. The Supreme Court of the United States has denied the application íor a rehearing of the " drive well " cases. This is the second application that has been made for a rehearing. A three-weeks' series of temperance meetings was closed in Streator, HL , Sunday night, and a Law and Order League formed. Over 3,000 people have signed the pledge. The Leader and Sunday üispatch offices in Binghamton, N. Y., were destroyed by flre Tneaday night The loss will aggregate $75,000, of which A. W. Cari, of the Leader, loses, $50,000. Billy Gilí, a notorious desperado, was captured by citizens on Saturday near Ashland, Kan., who riddled him with búllete. Gilí had six horses which lic had stolen (rom his pursuers. Btatistics show that Indiana has 37,000 pensioners, an increase of 7,000 within the past two years, and a greater number In proportion to soldiers furnished during the war than any othcr State in the Union. GeorRe Burla, 13 years oíd, son of a wellknown citizen of Jefïersonville, Ind., banged himself Monday with bis little sis ter's jumping-rope. It is supposed that he killed himself rather than attend school. Eecently a party of farmers from Kansas nd Indian Territory towns invaded No Man's Land and captured and hanged four horse-thierea They have "rounded up Dine others, and intend to lynch them at khe fiist opportunity.


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