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A NERYE TONIC. Pk Celery and Coca, the prominent in grediente, are the best and safest ■ Nerve Tonics. It strengthens and I m m 7 quieta the nervous system, curing ' J PV % Nervous Weakness, Hyateria, Sleepdl ICOTLTERh dB MBJ It drives out the poisonous humore of JIBr _ the blood puriffing and enriching it, MV ■ and 60 overcoming thoee diieases I 4# ISedbTood.0111 ÜnpUM r impOy"m Cl 11 If A LAXATIVE. ■V . Actingmildlvbutsurelyonthebowe'.t M B it cures habitual constipation, and ■J HB r promotesa regular habit. Itstrengtli■■'H ens the stomach, and aids digestión. m ■ _■ DIURETIC. BW # M B tf I I B% fV In lts composition the best and moet activediureticsoftheMateriaMedicii ■ U 1 1 I U W UI I U arecombinedscienüficallywithother H W effective remedies for diseases of the Bfl W I kidneys. It can be relied on to give quick relief and speedy cure. -, rr nTnriTmTTP Hnndreds of testimoniáis have been receivci KOr Tn6 NERVOUS lm wnonsvho have uaed this remedj with LUI lUGllUIXVUUg remSble benefit. BemHoroiroalmreTgiTing The DKBILITATED ft-icelci"oo. bou by rwnggnu. The AGED. BURLINGTON. VT.


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