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SENATE. Washington, April 5.- In the Senate yes terday an amendment to the Bond-Pui chtiKc blll providing for the coinage o silver in excess of the present monthly limitation to take the place of Nationa bank notes withdrawn trom circulatlon was adopted. A bilí was introduced to test the science of spelling and to próvida for establiehing one hunüred schools for that pnrpose. Washngton, Apnl 6.- TheBond-Purchaae bül was passed in the Senate yesterday, am with it an atoendment providing for additional coinage to take the place of surrepdered National bank circulation. Mr. Wilson (Ia) spoke on the Preaident's message, and denounced free trade theorie Washington, April 7. -In the Senate yesterday a bilí was Introduced to repeal the statute which provides that no person who served in the late war on the Contederate side shall hold any position in the United Btates army. Among the pension bilis passed were the followinsr: To the widow of General Kilpatrick, $100 a month widow of General Itobert Anderson, $100 i month; increasing the pension of the oldest revolutionary pensioner on the rolls, Nancy Bains, 96 years of age, from $8 i month to an amount not flxed, bnt lefc to the Secretary of the Interior, and to Dr. Mary E. Walker, $25 a month. Adjourned to the 9th. Washington, April 10.- The bül for the admission of Dakota into the Union and for the organization of the Territory of Lincoln was considered in the Senate yesterday, but no aotion was taken. Bills were introduced for a permanent court of arbitration between the United States anc Great Britain and France, and for the completion of the direct tax ($20,000,000) of 1861. A resolution was passed to Sccepi the invitation of the Belgian Governmeni to particípate in the international exhibition at Brussels, and appropriating $30,000 for that purpose Washington, April 11.- The bill to authorize the sale to aliens of certain minera; lands was passed in the Senate yesterday, and the bill to provide for the admission ol the State of South Dakota and the organization of the Territory of North Dakota was further considered. THB HOUSE. Washington, April 5.- In the House yesterday the entire session was consumed in voting upon dilatory motions submitted by the opponents of the Direct-Tax bilL Washington, April 6.- The entire session of the House yesterday was consumed in filibustering over the Direct-Tax bill. The bill, should it pass, would pay to Connectlcnt on account of war taxes about $300,000, Colorado $22,000, Dakota $3,000, Illinois $l,146,000,Indiana $904,000, KanBas $71,000, Massachusetts $825,000, Minnesota $108,000,Missouri$76,000,Nebraska $20,000, New Jersey $450,000, New York, $2,604,000, Ohio $1,567,000, Oregon $35,000, Pennsylvania $2,000,000, Rhode Island $116,000, Tenneasee $393,000, Wisoonsin $519,000. Washington, April 7.- The friends and foes of the Direct-Tax bill are to all appearances as determined as ever, and the House took a recess until Monday morning, with every prospect that the present dead-lock will be historica! Leadig representatives of both sides in the flght were interviewed Friday, and all declaredemphatioally that no thought of a break was entertained. Washington, April 9. -In the House Saturday the entire session was again consumed in fllibustering over the Direct-Tax bill. Washington, April 11. -The Honse PenBion Committee has decided to report the general Pension bill which amends the Senate Dependent-Pension bill by adding a Bection paying to all ex-soldiere unable to support themselves, whose debility was not the result of their own personal abuses or neglect, a pension of one cent per mouth for each day's services in the army or navy, and to pay the same to the age of 62 years and to all soldiers' wldowa Washington, April 11. - There is no change in the deadlock in the House of Representatives, and if there is any prospect of a victory on one side or the other it is in favor oï the filibustera. They began work a week ago with twenty-eight votes and now have eighty- all Demócrata OTHEB NOTES. Washington, April 7.- The House Committee on Post-offlces has completed the consideration of the Post-offlce Appropriation bilí. As agreed upon it approprlates $60,133,340, against revised estimates by the Postmaster-General of $60,220,840. Washington, April 7.- The President sent to the Senate yesterday the name of Brigadier-General Geor?e Crook to succeed General Terry as Major-General He also signed the bilis jfranting pensions of $2,000 each per year to the widows of John A. Logan and Frank P. Blair. Washington, April 10.- The House Pension Committee has decided to report the general Pension bül which amends the Henate Depentlent-Pension bilí by adding a Bection puying to all ex-soldiers unable to support themselves, whoee debility was not the result of their own personal abuses or necrlect, a pension of one cent per month for each day's service in the army or navy, and to pay the same to the age of 62 years and to all soldiere' widowa


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