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SPRING DRESS GOODS 1_ _ na S0 pleces Manchester Casbmere, 28 Inches wlde, at 12 1-2 nnT . All new nuil lesirablo shade. F r IM Jnst opened a case of faney doable widtta Strlpes, wblch g ff ff we bave mnrkril 22 ets. Au assortiment of tbe New Spring Colors In all wool fkfll diagonal, 38 inches wiIe, al 35 cents per yard, A {rood line of onr 40c all wool Flannels left. Tbese 1 f bave been movlng fast. Anotner week will elose UI tbem. 1 case of fine all wool Serge, 40 incbes wide, wortta at _ _ . __ least 75 cents per yard; onr prlce 50 cents. SJf AF A bijt lino of Sebastopol. 40 Incbes wlde, In the latent IlI MIK sbades, wortb trom 75 cents to 91.00; onr prlce 60 et. llllUlV Onr all wool Henrletta, 48 luches wide, silk UniHli,nl limWIl 90 cents, cannot be replaeed at tbis price. IWebaveafnll line of is-inch Kniilish Broadclotbs, at 91.00 per yard. OUX& SXLE BAHGAINS. Elegant quall I y colored Bbadames, $1.00. M flWHJff IMN Superior qnality Faille Francalse, $1.85. l H I ll I IHESE eOIH WILL SOT DBiW OR SUP. IfUllllllp Pleces assorted black Armure Silbs, 91.25. An excellent Black Faille Francaise, 91.25. _ _ Onr Black Sllks. at 75 cents, 91.00 and 91.23 are grand flTlTflflfl ie-"r n I I I" Anotber new line of Ladies' Walking Jackets. ILlilliU Bralded setts and ornamenta, headed goods, molro silk, I Illf ■! etc. to match all tbese goods.


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