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"Will o' the Mili," by the great author, Robert Louis Stevenson, will commence in next week's Register. No one should fail tQ read tbis story. Saline. Geo. C. Lindsley has gone to Battle Creek on a prospecting tour. - Mrs. E. W. Wallace left Monday for Chattanooga, Tenn. - Mrs. G. C. Lindsley is visiting at Ann Arbor. - J. Everett Smith; of Ypsilanti, attended the sheep-shearing festival, April 10. - Mrs. A. K. Rouse visited at Bridgewater last week.-Burglars entered the house of J. W. Hulls, in Pittsfield, on the night of April 8, and stole a watch valued at $40 and 25 cents in cash. - Austin Liesemer, the operator at Somerset, spent Sunday at home. - The rabbits have destroyed $50 worth of pear trees for Geo. J. Nissly. - Michael Mohart has rented the Krause farm situated on the Ann Arbor gravel road. - Several couples enjoyed themselves at the residence of James Collins, April 5. The music was furnished by Spear's full band. - Geo. Barr and Agnes ïark were married April 5, at the resif flence of A. W. Parsons, Pittsfield.- Chas. Reynolds, of Detroit, spent Sunrday at home. - Willie Huil, assistant penman at Cleary's business college, in Ypsilanti, spent Sunday at home. - Mrs. M. Krause and son Frank visited at : Ann Arbor April 9. - Mrs. Hood is building an addition to her house on Henry street. Ypsilanti. Judge and Mrs. Cheever and Mrs. Dunning and children, of Detroit were guests at Mrs. Janson's over Sunday. - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mansfield and daughter have returned to their home in Grand Rapids. They have been testAng the curative properties of the Owen 'mineral water at Forest avenue sanitarium, for their daughter's paralysis for aeveral months past. - Rev. M. Kionke, of the Lutheran church, has opened a Germán night school in the Cordary block - A large unión temperance meeting was held in the opera house Sunday evening. - Mrs. Geo. McGee, of Farmington, nee Maggie Barr, returned home Friday after a week's visit at her old home. - D. C. Batcheldor has returned from a visit to Clifton Springs, where his wife and child are stopping for their health. - Judgingfrom the vigorous preparations already begun, there will be another big building boom this summer. When Ypsi really gets stirred p she doesn't "settle" in a hurry. - Míiss Sue Morford has been called to fciew York by sickness of a sister. - Miss I Emma Minor is visiting a sister in Iosco.- Mrs. George Hill, of Detroit, is f stopping with friends here. - Tracy Towner, formerly mailing clerk at the post office, has been supplying Mr. Underbill's place as mail agent on the Lake Shore this week.- Miss Nellie McMahon, of Manchester, has been the guest of Miss McMahon of the Normal, for everal days. Cbelaea. Alonzo Conkright and his son, Merritt Conkright, of Chelsea, have opened a grocery store at South Lyons.- Will lEmmert, of the Eaton Rapids Herald, was in town last Saturday. Will has ñjoncluded not to Bell the Herald.- Mayor Ivés, of Masón, was in town a day or two last week, the guest of his father, Hon. S. G. Ives. - E. G. Hoag has added a hardware department to his store, -and has employed a young man from Detroit, Walter Springe, to work it. - Geo. P. Glarier returned last Thursday from a six weeks1 business trip to Boston, New York and olher eastern cities.- Mrs..G. J. Crowell, after an absence of two weeks has returned from Traverse City, whither she went to attend the funeral of her sister-in-law. Mrs. E. P. McNamara.- J. G. Wackenbjjt is at home recruiting frotr. the ef■4ect of overwork in a store in Detroit, i - Wm Blaich, late of the firm of Blaich Bros., of this place, has gone into the grocery business at Cleveland, Ohio, with another brother from New York. - O. P. Stimson, of Parma, has been chosen secretary of Chelsea creamery company and will probably become one of our citizens.- J. E. Durand, who is in the employ of a Chicago company, establishing creameries in the western states, spends this week here with his family. His next center of operation will be Kansas City. - At the annual shearing of the Chelsea Union SheepBreeders' association, held at our fair ground, lastMonday, only two competiktors were represented- S. O. Hadley, röf Lyndon, and L. B. Lawrenee of Sharon. The flrst exhibition was of bucks, 3 years or over, on which Mr. Hadley took first premium and Mr. Lawrence, second and third. Yearling bucks were then brought forward, on which Mr. Lawrence took flrst premium and Mr. Hadlpy second. On four year-old ewes, Mr. Hadley took first and Mr. Lawrence second. Mr. Lawrence then sheared his ewe, taking off 16} pounds of wool and leaving 73} pounds of sheep. On two-year old ewes, Mr. Lawrence took lst, 2d, and third premiums; on yearling ewes, Mr. Hadley took lst and Mr. Lawrence 2d and 3d. Mr. Hadley sheared his yearling buck and ewe, fach of which yielded 12 pounds of wool. Why other members of the association were not present seemed quite unaccountable to those who were. - A tramp, calling himself David N. Murray, drew a revolver yesterday at this station, on a brakeman who ordered him out of a freight car, where he was stealing a ride. Complaint was made for assault and battery before Justice W. K. Knapp, who sent him to the county jail for thirty days. Birkett. Farmers ploughing.- Wheat proves to be badly killed in exposed spots. - The heirs of Geo. Howard went to Ann Arbor, Monday, and appearing before Judge Harriman, some objection was Tïade to the appointment of Geo. Page, of Dexter, as administrator, and Geo. Howard, jr., of Livingston county was appointed in his stead.- Thos. Birket recently purchased of Wm. Cobb, five acres of land at the outlet of Portage lake, which gives him ownership of both banks.- There is talk of closing p the road to the "Península bridge" in this township, and the building of a new bridge across the Huron where "Cobb's bridge" now stands. This will probably be done. John Dunlavy has rented his farm to James Leadridge. Brldgewater. Mrs. Milo Woodruff died, April 7, at her daughter's, Mrs. Charles Dickerson, who made a home for her parents since they became too feeble to care for them8elves. Deceased was 87 years of Je. Her husband died about one year ago. They were among the pioneers of Bndgewater, and members of the ConL gregational church in Clinton. Seven children survive her. Gilbert Woodruff, Ypsilanti, and Levi Woodruff, of Soraerset, carne here to attend their mother's funeral. Saline Sberp-Sbearing Festival. The sheep-shearing festival in Saline on Tuesday had a remarkable exhibit. It is declared by many that it had the finest lot of sheep ever brought together in Michigan, as it included only those that had taken first premiums at many exhibitions. It is impossible to piek out those deserving the most praise, so The Register will next week print a complete record of the shearing. There were 33 sheep and 13 owners. The result is an interesting one worth study by the farmers. PitUfield. John Cook and Daniel Sutherland have recently completed convenient homes to be occupied by tenants who ■will work on their respective farms. - The sick at John Sperry's are recovering, and Henry De Pue is again able to be about.- Prof. Steere has built a fine tenant house which will be occupied by his brother in superintending the culture of 200 acres of onions the ensuing season. - Daniel Brownell has commenced the erection of a fine two-story addition to his residence. Mrs. Brownell returned last week from Iowa where she has been spending the winter with her daughter. Dexter. Burglars broke into the saloon of Moore & Hall, on Monday evening. They took about $15 in money. No clue to the robbers.- J. E. Cheney left last Saturday for Grand Rápida. He will continue in the boot and shoe business there. Henry Lane goes with him as a clerk - Mr. Hall removed to Detroit this week, where he will make his future home. Mr. H. is a conductor on the M. C. R. R.- Miss Elvira Abbott left on Tuesday evening for Auburn, N. Y. -Mrs. N. J. Webb slarted for her home Dakota, Tuesday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Webb are great admirers of Dakota. - Miss Taylor of Ann Arbor is visiting Dexter friends this week.- Adam Duckert is now engaged in repairing the property he recently bought of Mr. Wheeler on Ann Arbor-st. - Rev. John Claflin and Master Luther James recently bought new bicycles. Master "Tommy" James, also, bought one about a month Rev. Claflin is a very fine rider, but he sometimes 'takes a header" especially i f there are unseen holes in the street.- Leander Allen is building an addition to his home. - Chas. Stannard has rented the house recently occupied by Mr. Cheney. - H. A. Williams has taken the agency for the "Equitable Life Insurance Co.," of Cincinnati, O.


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