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Agricultural Vs. Horticultural

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After 15 years of united effort, the State agricultural and the State horticuUural societies are no longer in the utmost harmony. The horticultural society refuses to exhibit any more with its sister society. The break occurred two or three months ago. It bas led to a short and sharp eontroversy in The Grange Visitor between a member of the Agricultural society and Evart H. Scott, of Ann Arbor, who is an officer in the Horticultural society. Mr. Scott'8 letter occurs in the Visitor of April 1. The Horticultural society has received annually $1,200 for premiums heretofore, but at the last meeting the Agrisultural society voted to reduce it to $800. The Horticultural society received $1,400 for expenses from the Agricultural society which Mr. Scott's opponent intimates was used for purposes foreign to the exhibit, such as secretary's salary, etc Mr. Scott replies that their secretary's salary was in large part paid from another fund, " but the amount voted for expenses has been used not only in work at the exhibit on the State fair grounds, but in iustructions mainly by such men as our president and secr,etary throughout the state in educating the fruit-growers up to the correct standard of fruits and how to produce them. The reRult has been highly satisf actory, and the State horticultural society exhibits of fruits have been remarkably free from blemishes, and experts from othor states concede the superiority of our exhibits." Mr. Scott claims that the recent resolution of the Agricultural society not only reduced the amount of money the Horticultural society was to receive for miums, but it took the management out of their hands. It would atnount simply to the Horticultural society doing the work and the Agricultural society getting the credit.


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