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AMOXG THE POLITICIAXS, Bublimoton, Vt, April 5.- Delégales to the National convention were chusen by the Vermont Kepublican State couvention Wednesday. Sympathy with the Prohibitionists and hatred of Democratie tariff reduction were the salient politioal features of the convention. The delégate are understood as favoring Blaine lirat of all, and after him Depew and Sherldan. SUEl0N,Ind., April 5.- The Prohibltionists of the Eieventh district met in this city yesterday and nominated P. L. Kecker for Gongresa Gkand Kapids, Mich., April 5.- The Ee publican convention to select delegates to the National gathering will be held in this city May 8. Jackson, Miss. , April 5. -The Republicana met in State convention in this city yesterday and chose delegates to the National eonvention. The delegates are suppoeed to favor Sherman for President New York, April 6.- The Democratie State Central Committee of New York Thnrsday decided to hold the State conTention in this city, May 15, to seleot gateB to the St Louis conventlon. Pbotidence, R t, April 6.- Full returns ftom the State election Wednesday give Boyal C. Taft (Rep.) for Governor a rnajority of 1,984 The suffrage amendment has 573 over the necessary three-tifths vote. The Senate stands: Republicans, 25; Demócrata, 6; no eleotion, 5. HouBe: Republicana, 54; Demócrata 10; Prohlbitíon 1 no olection, 7. Washington, April 6.- The Democratlo convención to elect two delegates to represent the District of Columbia at the National convention was held here yesterday. San Francisco, April 6 -The ProhibitioniBts met in this city yesterday and elected deleiates to the National convention at lodianapolis. Madison, Wis., April 6.- The Republicana will meet in this city on the 9th of May to elect delegutes to the National convention in Chicago. Albast N. Y., April 10.- The Womau's Suffrage bill was killed in the House of the New ïork General Assem bly Monday, and Mra. Ltllie Devereux Blake, president of the Stats Woman'8 Association, has called an indig&ation meeting. Netï ïobk, AprU 11.- The Irfsh-Amerioan Protective-Tarift Leatriie of this city has issued a manifestó r.eaingt the adoption oí the freetrade.princ:ples of the Democratie party, and aske voters to assist in keeping the American ineciianic untrammeled aad in perpetuating the life of the Kepublic. Albast, S. Y., April 11.- At yesterday's election. the Demócrata elected Edward Ai llahei mayor and the entire Democratie city tlaket by majorities ranging from 2,500 to 3,2t). Jebset Citï, N. J., April 11. - Mayor Orestes Cleveland (Dem.) was re-elected for the foiïrth time yesterday by a majority of 5,000. The Labor candidate polled lees than 1,000 votea Lhtle Rock, Arle., April 11.- The República State convention met here yesterday anieleoted delegates to the Chicago convenöon. The resolutions commend Blaine's critWsm on President Cleveland's tariff massage and denounce the Democratie admlnlstration in Akansae, charpring general ocimption and ballot-box 8tuffing. The delegate6 go uninstructed, New Yoek, April 11.- General Russell A. Alger, Miohigan's ex-Governor, said in this city yeeterday that he was a candidate for the Pregid?ncy, subject to the approval of thö Chicago convention. He said, however. that he should make no personal íort to secure votes. San Francisco, April 11.- A gentleman, of tlils city, who has just returned from Washington, and who is on intímate terras wlth Senator Lelaud Stanford, stated to a newspaper representative that Mr. Stanford had flnally decided to allovv hls name to go bef ore the Kepublican National convention as a candidate for the Presidency. New Haven, Conn., April 11- The annual meeting oL the Young Republican State League was held in this city yesterday. President Howarth rcported that there were twenty-three clube well established and seventeen in process of organization, and they expected soon to have a club in every important town in the State. Laksino, Mich., April 11.- The Greenback State convention will be held in this city on the 8th of May. De Moines, Ia., April 11.- The State Legislature adjourned siiie die at noon yesterday.


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