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Violent Storms

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FUKT OF THE ELEMENTS. Delphi, Ind, April 6.- Aterrific wind and rain-storm passed oyer this place late Thursday af ternoon. At SleethB, ñve miles north, it partook oL the nature of a cy clone. Beveral houses were blown down and a freight train on the Monon line was lified from the track. No one was injured as far as reported. Sioux City. Ia, April C- A tornado demolished several buildings in this city yesterday, and another cloud an hour later tore up the Illinois Central track at Marcus, fifty miles distant Fawbault, Mina April 6.- Damage eBÜraated at $100,000 was done here by Wednesday's furious gale which lasted uiteen minutes. It was not a cyclone, but just a highly-developed breeze. Loss from a similar cause was suffered at various other points in Minnesota Waverlt. Ia., April 7.- A flood in the Cedar river yesterday submerged one-haü oí tms city, causing great uamafte. Rock Falls, Ia., April 7.- The banks of the rlver at this place overflowed on the 6th, and carried away a mül-dam, a barn and three houses. Mankato, Minn., April 7.- Many houses on the flats are flooded up to the middle of the Windows, and the river was still rising. West Mankato is submerged. Connersville, Ind., April 7.- A cy clone yesterday devastated eight miles of farming country near here, unrooiing many buildings and sweepincr fences and timber away. Looanspobt, Ind., April 7. - Lightnine struok the new $10,000 soldiers' monument yesterday in Mount Hope Cemetery and badly shattered it 8t. Paul, Minn., April 9.- S wollen rivera and streams in Minnesota have caused the greatest flood known in the State ia seven years. Every creek has become a raging torrent, and thousands of acres of land are overflowed, cattle have been drpwned, bridges washed away, and railway traffic is suspended ín every direction. Many persons have been cornpelled to flee from their homes f or safety. Loüisvixle, Ky.. April 9.- A tornado in Union and Livingston counties Saturday wreclsed rnanv buildinjrs. swept away large foresta and killed one man. Rushfobd, Minn., April 10.- The flood In the Root river 1b the highest for twelve years. The bridge at Peterson is gone, and the one over the canal at Sprague's mili. The canal bank is damaged in six places and the railroad damaged all along the river. The water is now faüing very slowly. Nashville, 111., April 11.- A cyolona passed over the southwestern part of this county Monday night, demolishing houses, barns and fences. No loss of life is reported. Particulars are very meager, as there is no telegraphic communication with that eection. Rochesteb, Minn,, April 11.- The streams hereabouts have carried away a number of small bridges, cutting ofl access to town in one or two directions. In the city the river is cutting a new channel. Obhkosh, Wis., April IL- There is great danger f rom the floods. Both dams and the bridges at Waukau have been carried away, and large tracts, both above and below that place, are flooded. The rise of the Fox river has been steady since Saturday DEtboit, Mich., April 11.- At Bailey's Bridge, four miles below Midland, there is a jam of logs reaching a mile up the river. Thousands of acres of land at Midland are under water, liany families are living in the second stories of their houses, and roads leading to the town are washed out or overflowed. Pesth, April 9. - A waterspout passed over Pesth Friday, causing sewers to burst and flooding fully 1,000 basements. The damage done is enoruious. The dikes between Csongrad and Csany burst, tlooding 2,500 acres of land belonging to the Kerolyi and Pallaviciui estates. Calcutta, April 10. - A severe tornado has donegreat damage in the native quarter of Dacca. Nineteen persons are reported killed. The European quarter escaped.


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