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Count Von Moltke wears a yellow wig. Oscar Wilde has grown very thin lately. Ex-Governor St. John is living in California. State Senator Walker wears blue shirt collars. A Kansas postoffice has been named after Col. Dan Lamont. John Ruskin has been seized with another attack of insanity. Joe Jefferson has bought -a trout brook farm at Bourne; Mass. Ludwig Barnay, the tragedian, began life as a bricklayer's apprentice. The president carries a photograph of Mrs. Cleveland in his watch case. P. T. Barnum is to build a $75,000 mansion at Seaside Park, Waldemere. The late sultan of Zanzíbar leaves twentyseven widows and 852 children. Kaiser Wilhelm's birthday, March 22, fa to be a national holiday in Germany. Henry James, the novelirt, prides himself on his resemblance to the Prince of Wales. President Eliot, of Harvard, says that women should never lecture to voune men. The Prinoe of Wales' yearly income from the Duchy of Cornwall alone is over $500,000. Dr. Mark Hopkins' favorite chair has been presentad by nis family to Mills college, California. Cornelius Vanderbuilt has promised to give $50,000 to the New York Museum of Natural History. Senator Stoekbridge recently paid Senator Stanford $1S,OOO for a brother of the famous horse Bell Boy. Ward MeAllister calis a fortune of $1,000,000 "only respectable poverty." Most people would like to be poor at tnat rate. Lord Walter Gordon Lennox, who has just taken his seat for Chichester, is the youngest man in the British house of comuions beine barely 23. Governor Waterman, oí California, lg a modern Haroun al Raschid. He is in the habit of wandering about incognito, dropping in unannouoced at state asylume, homes, prisous, etc. He believes that a governor should see as well as hear.


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