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Harrison Millard has gone te California to live. J. C. Duff is the youngest operatic manager in America. Pauline Hall is to sing in Philadelphia during the summer. W. J. Florence has secured the right to play "Heart of Hearts" next season. J. S. Clarke goes to England in April, returning in November for a starring tour. Imre Kiralfy has secured a new premiere danseuse in a Russian maiden but 17years of age. v Charles Hoyt's emotional dramas "Taffy" and "A Brass Monkey," will be acted next season. Joseph Haworth has written his own music for the new play that he is shortly to appear in. v It is computed that Manager H. R. Jacobs, who has theatres all over the country, lost $20,000 by the blizzard. George S. Knight will play the leading comedy part in "The Corsair" during the season of that piece in Chicago next May. A big concert is to be given in Cleveland on the 19th inst., when the works of American composers only will be sung and played. Nat C. Goodwin has engaged for next season Robert Wilson, Thomas Burns, Herbert Ayling, Frank Morse, Wiva Morse, Esther Lyons and MariĆ³n Erle. Kate Smith, sister of Mark Smith, has sailed from Italy to join the McCaull iorces for their summiT season at Wallack's, New York, opening May 7. MJle. Van Zandt has left Paris for Moscow to give concerts, and possibly operatic productions. It is more taan poisible that she may make a tour of this country in 1889-90. Dudley Buck's "Light of Asia" is to be given in Washington shortly with orchegtra. An attempt was made some time ago with piano accompaniment against Mr. Buck's protest. The composer Lecocq complains that he has not received one cent from the production of his operas in America. He has written thirty operas, though he is paralyzed and moves about only on crutches. A New York manager truly says that there are twice the number of "business men," also known as "talkers," attached to every theatre that the house or the public has any use for. Ittook a little army to manage so small a boy as Josef Hofmann, and then they didn't manage him rightly.


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