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A Few Crowned Heads

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Queen Christina, oí Spain, is very iond of rausie. The queen of Italy has been photographed 103 times. "Perdinand the Silken" is the nickname at Vienna for the Prince of Bulgaria. The present Germán empress is the flfth English princess who has held the rank of soveroign. Making pottery is the queen of Portugal's hobby, and she is quite expert at it, and cannot only make the ware, but paint and glaze it. It is said that the ex-queen of Spain- all that France has left of royalty- must hire a carriage for her daily promenades in the Bois de Boulogne. The empress of Austria continúes her daily fencing exercise with the ardor of a young beginner, but she has made little impression on the embonpoint that compelled her to quit hunting. The good news comes from the Sandwich Islands that King Kalakaua is going to settle down to hard work and become a coffee planter. He flnds there is more in it than in being a kiug. A London society newspaper assprts that. Empresa Augusta, of Germany, has been for the past flfteen yearsa member of the Roman Catholic church, and proposes to announce the fact publicly and officially. At the last state ball given at the Quirinal Queen Marguerite wore a superb dress, made by Worth, of crimson silk and tulle. It was decorated profusely with pearl embroidery, representing the leaves of the tiger lily, with' real flowers of that plant. Queen Victoria, in her Florentino villa, rises each morning at 7 and breakfasts at 9, after which several hours are invariably de voted to business. After the 6:30 dinner there is musie. At 9 o'elock tea is served, and soon j after 10 the queen is in bed and sound asleep. The King of Holland is regularly enrolled as a parliamentary elector, standing on the printedlistasfollows: "No. 4,609. Name- I 'Of the Low Countrieu.' Christian name- William III. Alexander Paul Frederick Louis. Occupation - king. Residenee - Noordeinde, 68. Taxation- 697fl. 17c." ($700.) Queen Olga, of Greece, is a beautiful woman, with a plump, well developed form, I thiok, handsome hair and exprewive eyei. I She has sweet and charming manners. 8he I is a fearless horsewoman, but is very domestio I withal, and is of ten seen at home spinning I slik. She is devoutly loved by the O-reek people.


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