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Coming; Kvents. Tbe Hopublican county convention will be held in Ann Arbor, Tuesday, April 24, at 11 a. m. P. W. Crannell, of the Rochester, N. Y., Theological seminary, will occupy the pulpit of the Baptist church neit Suoday morning and evening. The Amphion club will give a concert in Ann Arbor about the middle of May, and in July will go to Bay View to spend a part of the Assembly season. They have been invited to go and give a concert. Mrs. Carhart has consented to give ber lecture upon " Queen Louise," at the Ladies Library, Thursday afternoon, April 19, at 4 o'clock. The subject is delightfully treated by Mrs. Carhart. A social cup of tea will be served. On account of the course of lectures this week, the Unity club program was postponed till next Monday evening. On Monday, April 23, Unity club will give Mark Twain's " Meisterschaft System," under the direction of Misses Ashley and Wilson. There will be an adjourned annual meeting held on Friday, April 20, at 2 p. m , in the basement of the court house, of the Washtenaw county Agricultural and Horticultural society for the purpose of voting on Israel Hali's propogition for a trade. The board of managers wili meet at 10 a. m. An entertainment by ''Ye little old folks," about thirty five in number, will be given under the direction of Prof. Renwick, in the lecture room of the M. E. church Friday evening, April 20. The little ones will be costumed in "ye olden style," and will sing a very interesting programme composed of old national songs and hymns which the old and young alike cannot fail to enjoy and appreciate. This beautiful little entertainment is given for the benefit of the Women's Home mÍB8Íonary society. The University Glee club will give an entertainment, April 20, in University hall, which Ann Arbor people should attend. The club has never been more sueeessful than during its last trip. It has ad vertised the University far and wide. lts appearin Chicago for the first time was a grand succes?. The column article from the Chicago Tribune concerning it which The Register printed two weeks ago demon - strates that. The boys will give a great entertainment. Clark, the great whistler, and Sam Hawley, will be with them. At the Baptist churcb, tomorrow night, there will be a chorus recital. The chorus will consist of about 40 voices, assisted by an orchestra of 10 pieces. The soloists will be Dr. J. S. Blanchard, tenor, Mrs. W. W. Beman, soprano, Miss Hadley, alto, A. D. Colgrove, basso. Mr. Colgrove is the director. There will be a social after the entertainment. The following is the program : 1. Overture- Aurora. Schlepagrell. 2. Chorus- Sailor's Glee. Emerson. 5. Song- Weary. Gabriel. 4. Quartette- Star of Descendiun night. Emerson. 6. Violin Solo- Kleine Fantasia. Strauss. 6. Female Chorus- Ave Maria. Mendelssohn. 7. Song- The Day is done. Bal fe. 8. Chorus- Peasaut Wedding Maren. Loderman. 9. Trio- Oh I Restless Sea. C. A. White. 10. Cornet Solo with orchestral accompaniment -The Palme. Faun. 11. Chorus- Thou who art Faithful. Emerson. Clara Loulsa Kellogg's Preferenre. Among the mmiy given to different piano manufacturera, the following to Messrs. Hnines Bros., N Y., iu tígard to Haine.s' Upright, is very much prized by them, coming as it does trom an artist of f-uch ability Gentlemen: Pi-rmit me to coora'ulate you on jour great succes in the front rank of American manufecures, who beyond queslion mnke the best pianofortes in the world. I am e-pecially pleased wilh your Upright. It is superior in quality of tone and evenness of action to any instrumentof tht stle I have ever seen, and fuliy deerves all the praises that can be soundeii in ita favor. Siticerely ynnr, Clara Loüia Kellogo. Free Examluation ol Kjc. Professor Phillips, conuecie i with the Edmondson Optical A-socition, will rnmain with Wm. Arnold, the jeweler. all next week from Tuepday, Anl 16 to April 22. The prole-g ir Btted a un-at many of the most difficult cases, while in Ann Arbor four months ugo, giving satisfaction in every cae. Havejust imjiortwd frem Gjrmariy the Bismarck Strawberry, Chmpagne and Weiler's Bratbirne and Wmit-r Bt-rgaJ motte Pear. Shll plant d.flf-Tcnt varia ties of red and white tabla granes, l-0 a fine lot of pr ar trees. E. Baur.


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