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Real Estate Transfers

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Tue íullowuig i.s a hst ot the rel estáte transfers in Wasbtenaw coumy, as recorded by the register of deed-, for the week endinji April lli, 1888: Emily A. Roberts to Iluldah Cole, Ann Arbor city ; i Huldah Colé lo S. J. Randall, Alm Arbor city 1900 S. C. Randall to O L. Mauhews, Ann Arbor eity 605 Mary J. Johnson (by ndra'r) to beo. Kosier, Dextur villtigu 500 DwightRiggs (by sherift1; to S. Beckw.tb. Sylvan 4"0 John M. Schill to E. Elsasser, Saline 3S38 M. h. Lawreuce to J. Patton, Yiilamici'y 400 Mary ). Murray toGeo. Spalhtlf, Ann Ar' borclty i James Murray (by guarüian) to Ueo. Spathelf, Ann Arbor city 100 Mary E. Burd to T. U. Burlinganie, Anu Arbor cily 650 T. (i. Burlingame to G. M. Burd, Ann Arbor 3000 Eliza Uuderhill to VV. F. Kern, Mau chester 6)0 Margaret Cousblin (by C. U. C.) to Catherine Nolan, Vpsilanti eity 175 Catherlne Nolau to C. W (infflen, Ypbilanti city 100 Alanson Sbeley and wil'e lo Mayor, Recorder, etc., of Ann Arbor 800 Adelia C. Cheever to Elizabetb T, Suiherland. Ann Arb.)r cily 1 Elizabeth T. tiutherland to Adelia C. Cheever. Ann Aiborcity 2.0 Oscar B. Pester to Wm. and C. J Roberts Salem 450) John Braunto L. D. Watkins, Manchester (KUa U. F. Allmendinger to Allmendinger Piano and Organ Co 1 O. B. Hall to E, B. Hall, Ann Arbor city.... 300 j . f . smitn to u. is. Smíth, Y ittsheld 10150 Susan R. Kiddtr (hy C. C. ü.) lo J. M. Collins, Saline 2265 Cynthia Hand to James Colllns, Saline 1 llrs. Rena Sanford to James Uolliiu, 8aline i Henry R. Watson to James Collins Sfiiine John Wisner to Elia Wisner, Manchester. 310 F Otis to Polly A. Dunn, Ann Arbor. 1 Polly A. Dunn to E P. Mason, Ann Arbor, 1 T. Y. Stone (by heirs) to E. P. Masón, Aun Arbor gOO Israel Hall to L. P. Hall, Ann Arbor 1 Mary S. Vandegrift to D. VV. Morgan, Manchester, (derree of assignment). Wm. and M. E. Hauford to G. P. Sanford Saline and Bridgewater n;o Wealthy E. Pope tojohn Hauser, Plitsfield 5J00 C. H. Kempf to Margartt L. Denand, Chelsea 300 E. Pardon to C. Van Blaicum, York 60 R. K. Douglass to W. VV. Kelsey, York 1500 Mary M. Banghart to J F. Clark, Superior, 160 Mary J. Cowan to J. F Clnrk, Superior 35 J Y. Clark to Mary J. Cowan, Superior 85 WorsterBlodge tto W.J Pajsons, Webster, S000 Mihael Brodbeck to F. G. Schleicher, AnnArborclty 650 Kate Geigert to J. C. Gerlacb, Northfleld... 600 Jennie C. McDowell to K. Lou McDonald, Ypsilanti ity 1000 Margaret H. Frederick to American B. H O. Sewing Machine Co., Salem 100