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Died Alone At 72

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Monday morning there was a sad sight on the comer of North Pifth and Pontiacsts. In the little shanty there, lay James Ooleman, 72 years oíd, who died in bed some time Saturday night or during the day of Sunday. He had been living alone for some time partially if not entirely supported by the city. The little weatherstained shanty has three rooms, all indicating poverty. The largest front room contains no carpet, but an oíd cook stove which, seemiagly like its owner, had outlived its usefulness, stands on one side, and a table, with a pn of baked beans and pork, on the other. These with a few oíd chairs, comprise the furnitnre of that room. In the bed-room the oíd man lay in his bed. Mice or rats had made a large hole in his chin. A post roortem examination by Dr. Darling showed that his heart was badly affected. The oíd man was last seen Saturday evening, at about 10 o'clock, by John and Michael Flinn, at whose house he spent the evening. Apparently he was in his usual health then. On Sundays he usually went over to Mr. Flinu's to get a loaf of bread, and as he failed to do so this time, that family became uneasy about hira. Michael Fiinn went over between 2 and 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon and rapped on the door and window, receiving no response. In the evening, still seeing nothing of the old man, and the curtains being down, John Flinn and Samuel McDonald went to the house and entered through a window, all the doors being locked. They found Coleman dead, lying naturally in bed. He was yet slightly warm, and when the city marshal went there an hour later, the body was still warm. The deceased has lived in Ann Arbor 40 years and had been a hard-working mason. The little house and lot belonged to him, and may be worth $500. He has several children who are all doing well away frotn Ann Arbor, and who are spoken of in high terms. A second marriage alienated him from the children somewhat, and was unfortunate generally. The wife lef't him some time ago, and the old man has since been living all alone. He has been very intemperate also. Coroner Martin Clark held an inquest Monday, with Patrick Ryan, Fred Sipley, Aretus Dunn, Jasper Imus, H. E. II. Bower, and John Fl'nn, as jurors.


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