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The VVashtenaw county Republican convention niet soon after 11 a. m. n the circuit court room in Ann Arbor, Tuesday, W. M. O.-band, chairman of the county committee, calling it to order, and namiag Geo. S. Wheeler, of Salem, as temporary chairman. Mr. Wheeler said that he considered it an honor to be chairman of a Republican convention, especially in Washtenaw county. He had been wit! the Washtenaw Republicana a long time they were honest mea who were working for the best interests of the country. He continued : " I ana glad to meet them. I am glai to see determination to succeed in their faces. This is the first primary meeting of Washtenaw in the great campaiga upon which the country is about to enter. ! don't want to epeak of the present administration. I couldn't, like the man whose end board feil out as he was driving up hill with a load of potatoes, do the subject justice. Many voted for Cleveland to get a change. We have the change. Those men must be cursing theroelves now. We have had all the change we want The adminijtration has shown itself unworthy of the confidence of the people. "The present administration," said Mr. Wheeler, " is to blame for the hard times wearehaving. I believe it. The country was prosperous when Cleveland became president. Then a darkness spread over 'the business of the United States. The Democratie party had no policy. Capital has been timiil in consequence. Money has been hoarded because of uncertainty as to what would be done, and money which might have been gcattered abroad doing good in building up busines?. An absolute free trade policy would hava been better than their no policy. We can be successful in the political content in which we are about to engage." J. L. Grilbert, of Chelsea, was chosen Becretary, and the following committee on permanent organization: A. W. Hamilton, Ann Arbor; Capt. H. S. Boutelle; Wm. Judgon, Chelsea ; John W. Blakeslee, York ; G. H. Mitchell, Lima. Committee on credentials, A. J. Sawyer, Ann Arbor; Frank H. Wheeler, Webster; Charles Canfield, Lyndon ; George C. Smithe, Ypsilanti ; James Wilbur, Superior. AFTERNOON SESSION. In the anemoon, the temporary officers were made permanent, and the convention chose the following delegates to the state convention, May 8, in Grand Ripids: J. E. Beal, J. T. Jacobs, E. B. Abel, Reuben Kempf, Ann Arbor; William Judson, Sjlvan ; James Wilbur, Superior ; Henry C. Waldron, NorthfieW ; A. W. Wilkinson, Lyndon ; Howard M. Holmes, Ann Arbor; Henry S. Boutelle, Ypsilanti ; Wm. Campbell, Pittsfield; George W. Burkhardt, Saline ; Clinton Spencer, Ypsilanti ; John W. Blakeslee, York ; J. B. Wortley, Ypsilanti ; Watson Barr, Augusta ; Albert Van Gieson, Bridgewater ; W. M. Osband, ipsilaim. The following were chosen to attend the conveution of the second congressional district, whioh will meet May 1, to choose two delegates to the national convention : J. F. Lawrence, A. J. Sawyer, A. W. Hamilton, Ann Arbor; J. S. Wheeler, Salem; H. M. Woods, J. L. Gilbert, Sylvan ; J. C. Knowlton, Ann Arbor; I. N. S. Foster, Ann Arbor township ; G. F. Allmendinger, Ann Aibor ; P. W. Carpenter, Dr. F. K. O wen, Ypsilanti ; Dr. Ëmmet F. Pyle, York ; R. H. Mrsh, Saline ; H. P. Thompson, Augusta; James C. Bemis-i, Ypsilanti; Myron Cady, Pittsfield ; A. F. Freeman, Manchester; Geo. Rawson, Bridgewater. Wm. M. Osband, of Ypsilanti, received 42 votes on the first ballot for chairman of the county committee. It was suggested that it would be desirable to have the secretary in the same place as the chairman, so they might consult more readily, and P. W. Carpenter, of Ypsilanti, was chosen. The following were chosen for the county committee: Ann Arbor, lst ward, G. F. Allmendinger; 2d ward, Win. Frauk; 3J ward, Chas. E. Hifcock; 4th, üeo. II. Pond ; 5th, Eli Manly ; 6th, A. F. Martin ; Ann Arbor towD, John C. Mead ; Augusta, Wm. Dansingburg; Bridgewater, Albert Van Gieson ; Dtxter, Thomas Birkett; Freedom, Emile Zencke ; Lima, Henry Wilgon ; Lodi, A. A. Wood ; Lvndon, Uñarles Uanfield ; Manchester, A. F. Freeman ; Northfield, H C. Waldron ; Pittsfleld, Wm. Canfield; Salem, Geo. S. Wheeler ; Síiline, John McKinnon ; Scio, Amos Phelps; Sharon, M. L. Rdymond ; Superior, Geo. D Crinpen; Salvan, H. M. Woods; Webster, Frank H. Wheeler ; York, Dr. EmmetF. Pyle; YpMlanti, lst ward, Samuel Baroard; 2d ward, J. B. Wortley; 3d, Dr. P. K. Owen ; 4th, Edwin Thompson ; 5tb, Wm. Judd ; Ypsilanti town, F. A. Gilbert. The executive committee will consist of the chairman and secretary of the oounty Gcnimittee, ex officio, and Charles E. Hiscock, Wm. Judson, H. S. Boutelle, and R. H. Marsh. The following re?olution was adopted: Resolved, That this convention represen titig the Republican party of WashLeuaw couDty hereby recognize. with satisfaction aud pleasure, ihe rapidly iucreasing lavor with which the name of Gen. Russell A. Algeris receiycd throuvhout the country, in connection with his candidacy fir the nominatlun for president before Ihe national Republican convention abqut to assemble at Chicago ; that in harmony with the Kepublican sentiment of Michigan we hearlily approve his nomination for that high oflice. and also ask the delegatcs of this body who hhall represent usat ürand Rapids and at Adrián to use Iheir iniluence and votes so as to secure a united delegatiou to Chicago in the interest ol Michigan's favorite son, her brave general, her able leader, her geuerous aud noble citizen, Russell A. Alger. The convention was very harmonious and adjourned in the utmost good nature. The delegates were given power to select their own alternates, if any should be neceisary.


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