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Washtenaw Republican Club

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The Washtenaw county Republiean clu! met, on Tuesday, immediately after the county convention. Andrew Campbell H. S. Dean and H. W. Newkirk made ex ceedingly stirring addresses calculated to put vim into the Republiean heart. The meeting was called for the purpose o making arrangement8 for holding a Re publican Fourth of July celèbration in the county, and the following committee was appointed: J.T.Jacobs, Andrew Camp bel!, Dr. F. K. Owen, H. "W. Newkirk and Wm. Judson. Howard M. Holmes, of Ann Arbor raised the point that the Fourth of July was not a proper day to use for a purely party celèbration. He could agree with all that had been said or mie;ht be saii concerning the superior intelligence anc patriotism of the Republiean party. He was boru and raised in a patriotic family and was taught from infancy to regare the early republiean leaders as the saviors of our country and flag. He thoughi there was hardly a day in the 36G of the year too sacred lor the Republiean party to use as a day of celèbration ; but fuch a day was the 4th of July. They might use any other day in the year, even Sunday, rather than that day. If the gentlemen would refresh their memories by reading Washington's farewell address, they would find the most solemn warning against the growth of party spirit. The use of the Fourth of July for a purely party day, in which the Democrats wouid celébrate in one place and the oans in another, would leaci to a greater bitterness in party spirit. It would be a sad change to make the day one for catohing votes, a use forwhioh it was never intended. It would make the day look to the future, rather than to the past. It would destroy its fame as the dearest day in cur national calendar. We want the Fourth of July to remain as a day on which all the people of all political faiths can unite in forgetfulness of present differences to glorify their common past, to drink in inspiration and patriotism for the future. Two or three gentlemen maintained that it was proper to use the day as proposed. The club carne to no definite decisión regarding the subject, but instructed the committee to take it under consideration. Afer adjournment it was muoh discussed by groups of men. Ono suggested that July 3, the anniversary of one of the days at Gettysburg, be used ; as that is a pecuüarly Republican day. As this question is not yet settled, The Register will print such short and fair Communications concerning it as may be sent in, signed by the writer.


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