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Real Estate Transfers

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The following i a list of the real estáte transfers in Washtenaw county, as reoorded by the register of deed-, for Üie week ending April 23, 1888 : Hiram Pierce to H. and S. Pierce Lima SIO.VTS C. Lockwood to G. D. Lockwood, Salem 100 J. Taylor to T. Holmes, Northfield 12C0 H T Morton to Dean Posey, Ypsüanti 20 Wm. Kentto J. D. Corey, Manchester 210 B. McCauley to James Henry, Dexter 5 A. Guthrie to S. Guthrie, Sylvan 13"0 V. H. Burnh&m to W. E. Howard, York 6000 SI H Fredericí to S. Truscott, Salem iftO Mary L. Pfelfle to W. H. Burnham, York 4000 i ;eoree Ziek to David Blaich, Sylvan 2uO0 J. N. Wallace to Margaret Bucklin, Ypsilanti Cjty 1000 H. H."Fa"i'r'chlld to P. M. Campbell. Ypsilanti city 2i00 Augusta E.'campbëÜ to H. H. Fairchild, Ypsilanti city o0o S, W. Pareons to H. H. Fairchild, Ypsilanti city , , ..■ ■■■■■■ 1 Rhoda R. yd to Klmine Wilson, Anu Mary Chambers tóÉïmina M. Wilson, Ann Arborcity. w5 Darius Pierce (Probate) to N. Pierce N J Kyer to J. W. Mason, Ann Arbor city. 725 Kitcheu and Lawrenoe to Harriet A. Yates, Ypsilanti -■■■ J Harriet A. Yates to H. R. Scoveil, psilanti city 6 Jane Norton to J. J. Lowrey, Ypsilanti city... 1 Richard Lowrey to J. J. Lowrey, Ypsilanti city S00 E Treadwell to J. Ziegler, Ann Arbor city... 900 Rosa Brooker to Lena Brooker, Ypsilanti q[v 1000 John 'wücrthnër" to John Yentier, Manchester 3"00 T. Kemshall to Ann Walker. Manchester... 2400 Rosanna Lavey to C. and M. Lyman, Dexter. 1100 Emma J. Ashley to Christian Mack, Ann Arbor city IC 00 MosesWeil to Michael Well (will) Aaron P. Wood to M. M. Wadsworth, Bridgewater - 2919 Alice E. Grantto Sarah H.Jones, Ann Arbor. 750 H Colchazer to J. T. Jacebs, Ann Arbor city. 2350 J. T. Jacobs to E. A. Gott, Ann Arbor „ 1 H. Oolchazer to E. A. Gott. Ann Arbor 1C50 Mary E. Colchazer (guardián) to E. A. Gott, Ann Arbor _ 550 S. B. Morse (by ex) to A. Fraser, Ypsilanti city 3W Helen C . Swift to E. B. Drury, executor, Yplanti city „ ! W. S. Draper to A. B. Draper, Ypsilanti 1(100 L. Gruner to J. Eiting, Ann Arbor city 175 S P. Jewett to W. V. Wadhams, Ann Arbor city „ 250 L. Lip'neïman to Anna R, Lippelman. York. 1 Anna R. Lippelman to Lucy Moore, York.... 800 P J. Wellhoff(by slirifl') tu Reuben Kempf, Sharon 242 J. Bollinger to J. and M. Bollinger. Lima.... 2500 J. Bollinger to G. Bollinger, Lima 1860 A. J. Robison toMowry A. Pierce, Sharon.... 6400 T. K. Andrews to Harvey James, Ypsilanti. 1000 H. V. Deitrich to R. Marshall, Ypsilanti 4uOO