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THE POLITICAL WOELD. Teot, O., April 19.- Wednesday Hon. E. S. Williams was renominated f or Congress by acclamation by the Republicana of the Third Ohio district WmaiNQTON. O.. April 19- The Republican convention here Tuesday mominated Jacob J. Pugsley ior Congress from the Twelfth district Lebanon, O., April 19.- At the Eepublican convention held here Tuesday Hon. Henry L. Morey, of Hamilton, was nominated for Conirresa Atuinta, Ga.. April 19 -The Georgia Republican convention met here Wednesday. The State and Congressional dsles'ates are regarded as supporters of Sherman. The resolutions favor protection aDd demand repeal of the internal revenue laws. Decatük, Ala., April 19.- The State Temperance convention met here Wednesday wlth a good attendanca, and nominated a full State ticket, headed by J. 0. Orr for Governor. Noeth Tacoma, W. T., April 19.- The Democrats met here yesterday and elected delegates to the St Louis convention. Cleveland's tariff message was indorsed. Chakleston, S. Q, April 19. -The Republicans met in this city yesterday and elected delegates to the Chicago convention who fovnr SoTifitnr Sherman for President Indiahapolis, Iud., April 21.- The Sixth Indiana district Kepublicans renominated General Torn Brovvn tor Congresa Thursday and the Fifth Indiana district Demócrata nominated George W. Cooper for Congres. The Eiffhth Indiana district Kepublicans nominated James T. Johnston for Cong-reaa. Dayton, O.. April 20.- The Republicana in State convention in this city yesterday nominated Joseph P. Bradbury i'or Supreme Court Judge, Daniel J. Ryan for Secretary of State, and Wells a Jones for member of the Board or Public Works. Governor Foraker, ex-Governor Foster and Congressmen McKiuley and Butterworth were chosen as delegates-at-large to the Chicago convention. Instructions for Sherman were adopted. A. H. Mattox and 1 H. Lampson were chosen Presidential electora The platform denounces Democratie election fraude; demanda protection for American industries; censures Cleveland'a free-trade message; commends the administration of Governor Foraker; demanda a just and comprehenBive pension bill, andpledgns support to the Soldiers' and Sailors' Home. iNDiASAroLis, Ind, April 20.- Conventions were held in each Congressional district in the Stata yesterday for the selection of delegates to the National Republican convention, and the result was a victory for General Harrison for President. ÜANSAS L.ITY, iUU., llll A' - ■"" '-""'■"■"'' Blaine club, 1.000 strong, will, it is announced, attend the Chicago convention frora this city. Chaklestox. W. Va., April 21.- The Greenback-Labor party will meet at Charleston on the 3J of Hay to nomínate a State ticket Dayton. O., April 21.- At the meeting yesterday of the Ohio Eepublican League Jndge John A. Caldwell, of the Blaine Club of Cincinnati, was elected president by ao , clamation. Pittsfield, 111., April 23.- The Union Labor convention f or the Twelfth Congressional was held Saturday. L N. Wise. of White Hall, was nominated for Congress. Portland, Me., April 24.- This city has chosen out-and-out Blaine delegates to the Bepublican State convention. Buffalo, N. iY., AprU 24- A larze majority of the delegates from Erie County to the State Eepublican convention favor Mr. Depew for President Chicago, April 25.- The Eepublican convention for the Third Congreasional district (Chicago's West side) appointed Hon. Leonárd Sweet and Mayor John A. Eoche delegates to the National convention, and Messrs. John M. Smyth and Emile Wilkin as alternates. The convention in, structed the delegates to "use all honorable means" for the nomination of Hon. WaJteif Q. Gresham for President It is understOod that Mr. Swett will makt the speech in the National convention naming Judge Gresham for President, Steacuse, N. X, April 25.- The sub-comraittee of the executive committee oí the Union Labor party met yesterday and chose two deiegates-at-large to the Cincinnnti convention. A. 3. Streeter, of Illinois, ohairman of the National Committee, was prominently mentioned for President and General Master Workman Powderly for Vice-President Wtomino, 111., April 25.- General Philip Sidney Post, of Knox County, was unanimously renominated here yesterday by acclamation as a candidate for the next Congress by the Eepublican convenfcion of the Tenth Illinois district Joliet, 111., April 25.- The State convention of the Woman's Equal Suffrage Aasociation of Illinois began a two days' session in this city yesterday. Olnet, 111., April 25.- The Democrats of the Sixteenth district met here yesterday and nominated George W. Fithian for Congressman. Atlanta, Ga., April 25.- The State Prohibition convention, known as Sam Small's convention, met in this city yesterday and elected delegates to the National convention instructed to vote for Clin ton B. Fiske for President


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