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Prohibition Of Bull Fighting

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' The prohibition of buil fighting in the state of Guanajuato, by General Gonzales, is a piece of fanaticism which cannot but be viewed with alarm by all lovers of liberty. F rom time inmemorial, the people have held to this national pastime, and such a blow to their customs and habits of thought is a serious infringement of personal freedom which certainly must be unconstitutional. It is very questionable, too, if the prohibition can be enforced, because public sentiment is vet very much on the side of bnll-fighling, and it is useless to undertake to enforce a law which has not public sentiment in its favor. How much better it would be to place a high tax on bull-fighting, thus affording revenue and lightening taxation, and at the same time driying the most disreputable bull-fighters' out of the business. It would result in ing bull-fighting and bull-raising in tne hands of a more respectable class. It would make such an amusement inaccessible to the poorer people who have heretofore wasted their money which onght to have gone to clothe and feed the hungry wife and children at home. And then, too, the abolition of bullfighting in Guanajuato, how it will lower rents and the value of real estáte ! Men heretofore engaged in the business ■will have to move out, and that, of course, will throw much land and many places of business upon the market. A largo number of men have invested all they have in the world in the business of rtrovidine these entertainments for the people, and should this prohibitory )aw go into force, it would ruin them financially, and their gray hairs would go in Borrow to the poor houses. Such a fearful confiscation of property should not be made unlesa compensation is given. ïhe terrible efifects, too, upon the trade of the city of Santa Fé de Guanjuato of this prohibitory law are evident. The people, of course, are going to attend boU-fights, even if they have to go to the other end of Mexico, and wheneverthey want a hat, or a 6uit of clothes, or a neek-tie, or a dagger, they will mount their rnules and go to sonae other state where they can enjoy their favorite amusement and make their purchases, thus injuring the home merchants. They will take their produce to other markets. We may expect to hear soon that grass is growing in the gtreets of Santa Fé de Guanajuato. In volume 1 of consular reports for 1884 relative to Labor in Foreign Countries, it is stated, on page 855, that the number of females employed above ground at the mines of the United TCingdom of Great Britain is 7,054. The adult women "do comparatively heavy ■work about the pit's mouth, such as wheeling trucks or wagon?, etc, and clearing coal, which means separating with a large hammer pieces of stone, shale, etc, from the coal." The report says that "the work done by the girls, from 13 to 10 or 18 years of age, is of the same rough character but of a lighter sort." We doubt if the Demócrata can turn out in Michigan such a clean, sober, intelligent, good-natured, determined, and honest lot of delegates to a county convention as the Republicana of Washtenaw county had laet Tuesday. The patriarchs of the party were there, men of clear niinds past the age of three score and ten and even of four score ; and the young men were fairly wel] Tepresented.


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