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W. C. T. U. In Session

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The 12 h annual convention of the W. C. T. L". of the second district convened in Ann Arbor at the Baptist church, April 25. The devotional exercises were conducted by Mrs. Jennie Lockwood, of Petersburgh. The president, Irs. Sarah A. GrO6venor, of Monroe, presided. The report of the corresponding secretary ghowed an advance upon last year's work, in spite of all discouragement. The president's address gave a view oí the Temperance Temple in Chicago, which belongs to these ludies in a doublé sense, being largely a Michigan idea, and also supported generously by the second district. From ill health the president has not been able to render as much active service as usual ; but through ence and an efficiënt correspanding secretary has allowed no diminution of the work. The report of Mrs. Louise Casey, county president of Lenawee, assutned that what her county lacks in money and members, it makes up in push. Monoe county, which is organiz?d by townships by its enterprisint; county president, Irs. Francés J. Sumner, made a stirring report Monroe county has no county dues, but depends on each local unión to make a voluntary contribution. The convention listenëd to a graoeful -and interesting address from Mre. Johnson, former president of the sixth district, and state superintendent ofjuvenile work. A letter from Capt. Allen, our repreRintative in coneress. in answer to titions on the Blair educational bill, was read by Mrs. Stannard, which elicited some interesting comment and comparison of Mr. Allen with his predecessor, favorable to the gallant captain. The following delegates reported themselves at the opening session. Others will doubtless arrive on later trains : LENAWEF. COUNTY. Adrián, Miss Hattie E. Johnson, Mrs. Emma W. Morgan, Mies Dora E. Bennett, Mrs. Caroline Humphrey. Tecumseh, Mesdames Fanny F. Stuart, Mary E. Sutton, Fanny T. Coddington. Raisin Valley, Misse Libbie Stanley, Grace E. Steere. Blisefield, Mesdames James Carpenter, Joel Carpenter. Ridgeway , Mesdames Sarah L. Rappleye, Emma Pattlson. Morenci, Mesdames Lucinda Chatfee, Francés A. Rowley. Britton, Mrs. Francés V. Eaton, Miss Minnle ickley. Lenawee Junction, Miss EHza Rogers. HILLSDALE COUNTY. Korth Reading and Allen, Mrs. S. A. Haynes. Hillsdale, Mesdames Eliza B. Harris, Cordelia A. Chillsen. Somerset, Mesdmes Harriet M. Dunn, Mary Winans, Joel Martin. WASHTENAW COVNTY. Salem, Mesdames Rosa Pmith, Anna Thompson. Ann Arbor, Mesdames Delia L. Clements, Lucy S. Bourns, Chas. 8. Worden, Lucy D. S. Parker, Miss Maülda M. Brown. Manchester, Mesdames Elizabeth Patenen, Van Vinkle. Chelsea, Mn. Mina G. HUI, Miss Olive Conklin. Saline, Miss Mattie Allen, Met-dames Amanda L. Briggs, Mary F. Isabel. Dexter, Mrs. Belle Brown Waller, Misses Minnie M. Burns, Ione Stannard. Ypsilanti, Mesdames Dr. Helen McAndrew, Mason, Laura D. Parsons. MONBOK COCNTY. Momroe, Mesdames Minerya S. Slajrton, Phalla B. Chapman. I'etersburgh, iirs. Jennie Lockwood. Whiteford Center, Miss Myra Wakely, Leotia Young. London, Mesdames Emma J. Vanderlip, Jennie Merritt. Last evening, Mrs. A. P. Bourns, of Ann Arbor, delivered an address ot come, to which Mrs. Ida K. Bhier responded. Mrs. Ann W. Bassett, of Ypsilanti, gave Notes at National Convention. This forenoon's program inchides reports from the presidenta of Hillsdale and Washtenaw, and other report?. This afternoon, Mr. S. Clements, of Ann Arbor, is down for " Reminiscences of the Crusade," and Mrs. Jennie Lockwood for a paper. Mrs. J. D. Stannard is to have 8omething to say about the juvenile work. The session will close tomorrow evening.


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