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SENATE. Washington, April 19. -The bill for the admission of South Dakota as a State and the organization of the Territory of North Dakota was f urther coneidered in the benate yesterday, and during the discusBion the action of the Louisiana remming board in 1876 was referred to, Senator Sherman def ending the action of the board and Senator Test denouncing it A bill was introduced by Mr. Belmontto prohibit the coming of Chinese laborers into the United States. A message vetoinjr the bül for the relief of Major Daniel N. Bash, Tayraaster United Staten ariny, was received from the President Eulogies upon Boscoe Conkling were delivered. Washisotos, April 20.- In the Senate yesterday a bill was placed on the calendar authorizing the PreBident to appoint and retire John C. Fremont as Major-General United States Army. The bill for the admlssion of South Dakota as a State was passed by a vote of 26 to 23. Washington, April 24.- In the Senate yesterday bil'.s were lntroduced to prevent fraud in shipping goods, and for the purchase of land near Washington for a National Zoological park. The International Copyright bill was discussed. Messages vetomg tnree private peuoiuu uib wv - ceived trom the President. Washington, Apnl 2&- The Benateyeterday was opened by prayer l)y a Jewish rabbi, the second inst;ince oL the kind in the history of the Government The bill to providè post-offlce buildings for all towns and cties where the post-office receipts exceed $3,000 annually was reported. Nearly the entire session was devoted to discussing the International Copyright and Burean of Animal Industry bilis, but no action wu taken. THE HOUSE. Washington, April 19.- Billa were passed in the House ytsterday to créate a Department of Lubor, and to créate boards of arbitration for the eettlement of versies and differences between inter-State conimon carriers and thetr employés. Washthotoh, April 2ft- Further considerntion in the House of the tarifï was yesterday poftponed until the 24th, and the Bession was ooonpled in disi usinr the Indian Appiopriation bilí, but 110 uction was taken. Washington, April 21. -In the House yesterday the l'eusion Appropriation bill ($80,280,000) and the Indtan Approprlationbill ($5,192,253) were passeA A bill ■was introduced to protect t!ie públlo trem interruption oí traftic by railway strikes and other causea At the evening session twenty-two pension bilis were passed. Washington, April 23.- In the House Batnrday the greatei portion ot the day ■was occupied in dlscussing the lliver and Harbor bilL The bill creating an American copyright in conjunction with the international scheme for tlie protection of authors was f avorably reported, and the bill passed by the Senate ftranting Dr. Mary Walker a penpioñ of $25 per month for services rendered by her as an army nurse was unïavorably reported. Washington, April 24.- In the House yesterday a resolution was adopted to investígate the fur seal nsheries of Alaska. The Senate MU grantlnpr to ine wjcow oí ixeueral Eicketts a pension of $75 per month was passet!, and a bilí to erect a monument ir Washington to the late General Logan was introdnce.l. The River and Harbor bill wa further considered. Washington, April 25. -The discussion of the Mills Tariff bill was resumed in the House yesterday. Mr. McMillin (Tenn.) epeaking' in favor of the bill and Mr. Barrows (Mich.) against it. OTHEK NOTES. ■Washington, April 20.- The House Judiciary Committee has reported a bill for the consiruction of two United States penitent! .ries, to cost not to exceed $500,000 each, one to be located north and tha other south of the 39ih degree north latitude. Washington, April 20.- A Government ofticer reponed to the Seuate yesterday t.hat an exDenditur of over iWOO.000 would ba necessary to protect Sioux City, Ia, f rom the rapid encroachments of the Missouri river. Washington, April 21.- Friday was the lOOth day of the present session of I gress. Ttie total miiuber of bilis and resolutions introduced in the Senate and House up to this date is 12,5li8, exceeding by more than 2,000 the number presented In the first 100 days of the last Congress. Bo far the House has pasBed 425 bilis and the Senate 631, and 183 House bilis and 24 Senate bilis have been sent to the President for his approval. Washington, April 23. - Congressman Mills announces that he expects to f orce a vote on the Tariff bilí by June 1, and believes it will pass the House. Washington, April 24.- Ihe Secretary of the Treasury accepted offers to sell the Government bonds of different issue. The amount offered was $1,824,000, and $85,000 was bought Washington, April '25.- The Senate I terday confirmed the nominations of E. F. I Bmith, of North Carolina, Minister Resident I and Consul General to Liberia; W. T. Walthall, of Mississippi, Consul at Demorara; J. B. Coöln, of Massaclmsetts, Consul at St Helena; J. B. Chess, of Ividiana, Consul at Durando. Wabhixgtos, April 25.- The President has vetoed eight bilis this session of Congres?, six of them beinj? priviite pension biUs. ■Wasbxsgios, April 25.- Secretary Fairchild m;idc ;m argument yesterday in the Benate against the bill providing for the ieeuo of fractional currency.


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