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The Twry rawest shirt front is of white pique, with tiny dots of a color sprinkled over it. Tweed is the thing for lounging jackets, thougta alpaca will be admigslble as sununer comes on. The iocr in hand grows in favor, in length algo, and threatens a revival of the "choker" of the regeucy. Soft diagonal serge cloth of a brown gray Bhading to yellow is rauch worn in London for the whole suit. For evening weet white gloves are pardonahle, hut palo prirarose or paler la vender is far and away better style. In Taris, vre are told, there is a strenuous effort to revive kneebreeches, silk stockings, low hoes and paste buckles. New cheviots for trousers are preferably gray or brown, and the check or stripe may be large, but never pronounced. High authority asseverates that raany Amorican men, so called, now wear corsets, and that the practico is increasing. For athletes come caps of printed cotton, with gray or navy or indigo blue grounds, or polka dots of contrasting colors. Round collar and cuff ends are hopelessly passé, and square ones to achieve the height of style must be artistically turned down. No good dresser now wears tight gloves; by consequence, seven and one-ualf is tha smallest size kept by some very tony houses. Very choice and new silk handkerchiefs have centers of solid neutral English twill, with bright or figured borders two inches wide. Many percale shirts are rainbow hued yet qulet, and modestly elegant oue3 can be found for those who will not bow down to the glaring Baal. Por rough weather and hard usage nothlng equals the i'eal Donegal homespim - a coat of which will turn aside the most drenching storm of spring. English llannels for tennis wear come in inch square plaids oL black, with white, red, brown, oíd gold or orange, and are uiade up with caps to match. Flannel shirts will be more worn than ever, and the favorita stuff for them is the fine English twill- white ground witU polka dot of red, black, brown or blue. The favorito yachting coat is of cream wnite naunt'i, witli a blue bimliug, showiug an inch and a balf wide all aruuud and a trifle narrower on the pockets. For tennis wear white trousers still have the cali over stripes, and the most acceptabla sash is thirty-six iuches wide and figured in large spots with the club colors. Spring neckwear, too, approachestheflorid gothic - embracing, as it does, ail light, bright and staring tones of color, with pronounced, not to say loud patterns. New cotton hose have rainbow ankle stripes on a tan ground with ribs and feet of darker shade, while Lisie thread show maltese crosses on mode or black grounds. New linen handkerchiefs havo eighth inch 1 1 11 1 is either of solid colors or striped or crossbar red, or else the border is two inches wide, with embroidered dots at the corners. White collars and cuffs will again be worn with fancy shirts, and fine linen embroidery still prevails in full dress, though the common grades are sent hopelessly to Coventry. A sliding suspender buckle warranted not to "wear, tear, rip, ravel, run down at the heel nor cut in the eye," even on the iinest silk webbing, is aiuong the latest supplies of long feit wants. Very new waistcoats are of natural white wool, broken faintly by fine Unes of red or blue. They are bound on the edge, without collars, have six buttons and are meant to take the place of the pique and linen horrors, whereby the average laundress transforma the mildest mannered man into a man in buckram.- New York Commercial Advertiser.


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