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There are said to be several gypsies in New York that are worth over $100,000 apiece. A vigilance committee ha been formed in Sah Diego for the suppression of crime. Over $1:2,000,000 have been spent in New Zealand in the last eight years in eilorts to overeóme the rabbit plague. A correspondent who writes from Honduras says that more than $12,000,000 of American capital ia invested in gold mines iu that country. A Lousiana lady who was once famous for ner weaun ana tne number of hor sJaves now earns a few cents a day by pickiug cotton on the plantation that was her own before the war. Some New York people propose to build a school for tho training of servant girls if they can raise the necessary $50,000 or 160,000. The past year about $7,000 was raised in small sums. At a town meeting in Lee, N. H., the other day, Mrs. Rebecca Bennett was ehosen moderator, the ñrst timo a women was ever called on to preside over a town meeting in that state. A redwood tree felled near Humboldt, Colo. , was t'ii feet in diameter one way and twentv the other at the stumD. It was 2fm feet long and contained lumber enough to build a small village. A novelty in the way of daily newspapers is announced by The Kepublique Franoaise - nothing less than an evening edltion published in London of a new Paris morning paper, the copy to be supplied by telegraph. What is supposcd to be a Confedérate gold dollar was found in an ash heap in Atlanta recently by a colored boy and sold for $30. It is said that only six such coins were fssued by the Confedérate government, and if genuine this specimen would be worth $650. As an instance of the astonlshing way in which rabbits multfply, it is related that in the Fifteenth century a female rabbit with young was loft on the Island of Porto Santo by the crew of a passing ship, and in a short tirae rabbits were so numerous on the Island that the settlers were forced to abandon it. It has been flgored out by a statistical official that there are 31 crimináis to every 1,000 bachelors, and only 11 crimináis to every 1,000 married men. From this showing he argües matrimony restrains men from Grime, and -mght therefore to be encourajed by la : ui otherwlse. (i i '.isaut eírectB oí the blizzard ip iw York a club enjoya repi mbers of which first met in .."lien their train xtupped in a ni.. '.■'!:ii flrst club dimitir eonsisted ea at $1.50 apiece, and prob,-iblv 1 the only meal of the kind whieh th (dub 'v ;!1 enjoy. Vana; oüs in the size of rain drops are dependeni apon the dififerences in the height from whi b they have fallen and to the araonnl oí nlniospheric disturbante present I f fallen from a groot height the drj i gradual divisiou inte smaller and s.iLt . r p;irts until they are converted latoami-.!. hi i-alru weather, witil ilieclouds near tlic earth1 .surfaoe, the drops iré larga and heav .


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