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E. B. Hall is about to build a residence near the fair grounus. Stephen D. Allen is building a fine reeidence on S. Ingalls-st. The U. of M. base ball club beat the high Bchool club 0 to 2. Work bas begun on the proposed new organ and piano factory. Read the short story, "Hero of a Bowsprit," on the second page. The continued cold weather makes the wheat prospecta look dark. James Smith ; drunk ; April 18 ; 20 daysinjail; Justice Pond. Koch & Henne have a new team of blacks on their furniture wagon. Mrs. Byron W. Cheever is putting up a first-cla9s residence on Packard-st. A ten-pound boy made its appearance in the family of Immer Lane, last Friday. The Detroit driving club will hold its trotting and pacing meeting July 24-28. A. F. Hanson sprained hia ankle last week, and uped crutches for a few daye. It is eBtimated that 250,000 gallons oL water were thrown upon the State-st fire. Sealed proposala for tbe purchase of the fair grounds will be received till May Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Jacobus ; Fourth ward ; April 20 ; a twelve-pound boy ; doing well. A. B. Gebhardt takes the place of the late John J. Burns, on the board of directora of Co. A. k. L. Noble will probably open his addition as a boys and children's department, next week. Supv. O'Hearn is building a residence on N. Thayer-st, and McCurdy C. Lebeau on Lawrence-8t. An important regular meeting of Fraternity Lodge, No. 262, F. & A. M., next Wednesday evening, May 2. At John Boylan's last Thursday, there was a celebration in honor of his mother, who had reaehed her 80th birthday. John Roller was accused, April 20, of assault and battery on Gottlieb Walz, and his trial is set down for tomorrow at 1 1 a. m. John Reynolds, of Ann Arbor, is the first one this year to file an application with the county treasurer to pay liquor tax. ___ The old, worn-out building on corner of Fourth and Catherinests, owned by Joseph Clinton, was pulled down Monday. Arthur J. Neff, of H. Randall's gallery, on Monday in eome way drove an iron nail through the fleshy part of one of his fingers. The Mendelssohn quartette, which appears in Ann Arbor, May 2, will give one of the best musical entertainments of the season. Co. A's new and beatiful flag was received last Saturday, and will be dedicated in May Capt. Manly will make the address. "Would it not be a good thing for the M. E. church to pull down ita old sheds on Washington-st, and put up a fine parsonage there? The Eastern Michigan asylum for the insane has sent in a bilí for Washtenaw county of $803.53 for quarter ending March 31, ]ast. The mother of E. W. Moore, of Ann Arbor, living near Ypsilanti, celebrated her 8'id birthday on Sunday, April 8.- Dexter Leader. Chatham Lodge, No. 130, Order Sons of St. George, celebrated St. George's day by a banquet and musical entertainment at their rooms on Ann-st. Deputy fish-warden Jasper Icnus has, during the past two months, distributed 00,000 brook trout in the numerous streams in the vicinity of Ann Arbor. Charles Gregg, of Saline, was, brought to Ann Arbor, yesterday, and lodged in the county jail, for being drunk and disorderly. He will be taken to Ionia for six months. A. J. Sawyer, of Ann Arbor, believes in keeping pace with this progressive age, and has bought a flock of thoroughbred Shropshire sheep of Valentino Bros. - Dexter Leader. The colors of Co. A. are in doublé mourniag 30 days for the late Col. Wm. Humphrey, assistant adjutant general, of Langing, and GO days for the late Sergeant John J. Burns. The Michigan Central has been distributing some fine calendars this week. Of eourse they include that beautiful, wild bit of nature sometimes mentioned as the Niágara Falls. Mrs. Vandawarker, mother of Frank Vandawarker, corner of Fourth and Catherine-sts., had a stroke of paralysis last Thursday aiternoon, and her recovery is eonsidered doubtful. The last Chamber concert will be held Thursday evening, May 3, in University hall, and is expected to be a worthy closing of the most excellent serie?. Miss Mary Shafter, of San Francisco, is expected. Mary Collins Whiting has been asked by young Weidlich to defend him when he comes to trial for stabbing Mr. Weidman. A woman attorney pitted against Prosecuting Attorney Norris will make an interesting trial. Prof. Stowell lectured last Friday evening before the .Kent county scientific association of Grand Rapids, on "How we look under a microscope," illustrated by the stereopticon. Next week Prof. Winchell will lecture bttore the same society. Rev. J. T. Sunderland, Sunday, spoke on Priestley, the discoverer, of oxygen, and the great Unitarian theologian who ried from English persecution and established a church in Philadelphia. A monument will be ereeted to his memory in Philadelphia. Mrs. Margaret Sweitzer, aged 75 years, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ward Wilbur, in Ypeilanti, on Tuesday. Mrs. Margaret Apfel of Ann Arbor, is another daughter of the deceased. For 25 years Mrs. Sweitzer lived in the township of Superior. On Sunday, May 27, Welch post, G. A. R., will worship in St. Andrews' church in a body, on the invitation of the rector. J. T. Jacobs' camp of Sons of Veterans, and Co. A., M. S. T., have been invited to join the G. A. R. in thus observing Decoration day on the nearest Sundav. "Sybil," the comedy-drama to be presented here by Frankie Kemble and her excellent company, is the best work of Clay M. Greene (authorof "M'liss," "Golden Giant," "ForRiven," ''Sharps and Flats," etc.) and David Belasco, the famou stage director and dramatist of the Lyceum Theatre, New York. The delegates to the congressional district convention will meet in Adrián next Tuesday, May 1, at 11 a. m., for the purpose of choo8Íng two delegates to the Republican national convention in Chicago, June 19. The state convention, May 8, in Grand Rapids, will choose four delegates at large. Philip Duffy va. Jacob Polhemus was a case before Justice Frueauff, yesterday, involving the value of a few corda of wood which Mr. Duffy claimed Mr. Polhemus bought of him. It gave a chance for three of theyoung lawyers, Messrs. Taylor and Kline appearing for the defendnt, and Mr. Kearney for the plainiiff. The jury granted the plaintifiF judgment. The circuit court, Monday morning, admitted John Howard to citizenship. In case of Albert Case vs. Andrew M. Leonard, the motion ior new return was granted. The case in chancery of William E. Bell vs. Jonathan W. Harrison, order granted. In regard to the petition of James F. Clark, an order discharging mortgage was granted. Adjourned till tomorrow at 9 a. m. A sneak thief stole an overcoat, hat, nnd a goldheaded umbrella trom No. 23 University ave., Tuesday evening, about 10:30 o'clock. The overcoat and hat belonged to a young gentleman who was calling at the house, and the mabrellato a young lady boarding there. Moral: Keep the front doors locked. The seventh annual report of the Toledo, Ann Arbor & Northern' Michigan railway company for 1887 is on The Registers table in neat pamphlet form. The total gross earnings for the year were $535,752.95. The operating expenses were $342,605.87, and the net earnings, $193,147.08. Adding the balance from 1886, and it makes $240,261.06 as the income account for 1887. The interest on the bonded debt was $18-1,800, leaving a surplus of $55.461.06. Song Journal for April gays of an Ann A'bor boy : " Julius V. Seyler has the distinction of being the best prepared and most completely equipped American pianist ever entered at the famous Scharwenka Conservatory of Music at Berlín. Mr. Seyler also attained the additional honor of being the only American student admitted to Scharwenka's class in arlistic piano playing." Mr. Seyler may return to Ann Arbor about the middle of August A small edition of 75 copies has just issued from The Register press, of the paper on ''The Higher Education of Womeu," read by Mrs. Louisa Reed Stowell before the International Council of Women at Washington, D. C, March 26, 1888. It is elegant. The cover is of hand made parchment paper, opaline color, and the leaves of cream colored Coquüle printed only on one side. It is tied with blue silk. D. B. Webster, oneftnd a half raile south of the city in Pittsfield, has sold his farm of 100 seres to Francis H. and Fredcrick E. Hanford, twoenterprising twin brothers of Ypsilanti, not quite of age. The papers were made out to themselves and raother. Mr. Webster graduated from the University in 1858, and went on to this farm the next year. He will have an auction sale of personal property next week Wednesday, and probably will come to reside in the city. Young Wiedlich, whostabbedMr. Weidman, was before Ju,-tice Pond, Monday, for examination, and it consumed all the forenoon and part of the afternoon. He told his story as follows : " I met Mr. Weidman in town in a siloon between 7 and 8 p. m. of Feb. 23. I asked him if I ceuld stay with him that night, and he eaid all right He asked me to cut wood for him two days, and I said I could help him. He went on home, and by and by I went. I knocked on the door. He came to the door and asked, Who is out there ? and I told him. He said I couldn't stay there. Then he called me a bad name id Germán, and I called him a bad name. Then he followed me up and knocked me down. Then he struck me on the nose, and the blood ran ouf, and then I bit him on the Bnger. He said if I would let loose he would let me alone. After I let loose, he struck me on the nose again, and said he would kill me on the srjot. Then I had to fight for my life, and I cut bim with a pen-knife to get away from him." The youDg man was held for triaL More thao 1000 persons warmly greeted the University glee club in Ann Arbor last Friday night as the members filed out on the stage in University hall and took their seats. From the first song, " O, hail U3, ye free," the boys settled downto business and sang tplendidly. They feit pleaseci, and justly so, at their mágnifieent reception ; the audieace feit proud of tbem, and henee all enjoyed themselves. Mr. Crowl's solo, " Old Kentucky Home," was warmly encored, as, indeed, was neaily every number. There was not a preponderance of nonsense ususlly looked for in 8uch entertainments ; but there was enougb. " Ba-Ba, black sheet)," the fortunes of the Duke of York in going up and down the hill, Mr. Cole's inimitable Sucday school echolar, Mr. Hawley's " Dives Divium," and Mr. Green's " Peter Gray" with its numerous mourninghandkerchiefs, were immensely enjoyed. "Tobias and Bohunkus" were missed. " Ann Arbor," composed by F. N. Scott, and " Yellow and Blue," were printed on the programs, and could be íoílowed by the audience. " Goddess of the Inland Seas," composed by Prof. Gajley fnr this year's Palladium soon to be issued, was much admired. The evening was one of great delight to all.


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