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Xotlce of Vnnicil Meeting;. An.v Aiïüor, Mich., Maren 13, 1888. The annual meeting of the stoekhulders f the Ann Arbor Water Uompany will will be held at the office of the company in he Uamilton bloek in the city of Ann Aror, State of Michigan, on Wednesday the _d day of May, A. D., 188, at ten o'clock a. m.( for the purpose of electing a Board of Director? and lor the transaction of such other business as may propurly come bebre gaid meeting. The p 'lis will be kept open for one. hour, and the stock transfer looks will be olosed on April 30, 1888, umil ifter said meeting I held. A. W. Hamilton, Pre9. C. E. Hiscock, Sec'y. Celery Plantsjor Sale, Cheap! Ready from now till August, by the 000. Early Tomato anJ Cabbage planta, )est kind ; ready now at 15c a dozen. )rders wantetl. Correspondence soicited. Address, i:aLL celrrt co„ HoUmaioo, Nich. Henry Richards, NU 9 DKTROIT S'l'. Dealer in all kinds of HARD WOOD, LUMBER, FENOB POSTS, etc., aleo all kinds of STONE m CORD WOOD I am a'.so Agtnt for the eclebrated CHAMPION IWX AND MOWERS, And Keep a Full Line of Repairs for tb e Same. PLEASE NOTICE! WTtíríílCt CO.! Will furnish Ice, delivered to any part of the city for season of 1S88 : 25 Ibs. daily, except Sundays, $2 per month. 25 " 4 times per week, $1 ,75 per month. 25 " 3 " " " 1.50 " " 25 " 2 1.00 " Hotels, Restaurant?, Butchers, etc, will be furnished by ion or hundred. T. T. HflNGSTEBFER, Managor. GRAND OPERA HOUSE! Saturday, April 28, '88. THE PKERLESS COMEDIAN PRIMA DONNA, FRANKIE KEMBLE And a Superb Company in her New Plav, "SYBIL." ADMISSION, 35, 50 and 75 ets. Reserved Seats now on Sale at Wahr's. GRAND OPERA HOUSE! ONE M;lir OM. Y WEDNESDAY EVE., MAY 2, Special Engagement of the Celebrated 1DISBLSS0BI qUIHTETTE CLUB Oï BOSTO1T. ARTISTS Herr GUSTA V III I, LE, Solo Violin. Herr PAUL MENDE, Violin. Mr. THOMAS RYAN, Solo C'larinelte and Viola. Herr PHILIP RODELBERGER, Solo Flute and Viola. Mr. LOUIS BLUMENI1 ERG, Solo 1 'ioloncelb. AND MISS ANNA CARPENTER, Prima Donna Soprano. FEZCES, 75. 50 and 35 ets. Reeerved Seata at Wahr's Bookstore. UNIVERSITY HALL! Ann Arbor 1 Ypsilanti trnsriTiEiD CHORftL SQCIETIES, AND THE SapphoClub, of Ypsilanti, IN Ucis ú Eftlatsa. and May la;. Saturday Evoning, Apr. 2S 7:30 p. m. Sharp. One of the most Delightful En tertainments of the year. ADMZSSZO1T, 5Oc A SALE WITHOCT 1 Dril OF MUSLIN UliHllB! D. F. Schairer's ( During the dull season wegave large orders for Muslin Underwear, at prices little above actual eost of material, and now _ . place on our counters riCOS the Greatest Bargains ever offered in this city. &0 We warrant every garment made with ' tllGÍr stitch machines,and only the best sewing thread own We cal1 your attention to the Ta Tirina ous prices in Corset laiüing Covers They ar# all made from fine Muslin and Cambric, perfect in shape and finish, and eold at prices to satisfy .all. WT? PT iCV f Ladies' N'8ht Dresses, WkFLAOÜ, White Skirts, Chemises, ' Drawers, Corset Covers, Children's Drawers, and nno OKn Infant's Slips, Children's UUÜ DC Wh.te Cambric and 'COUNTER Gingham Dresses, and V. Lawn Aprons. f Contains a splendid assortment of well made Garments, comprising Night Dresses, neatlv OUR trimmed Tucked Skirts, i elegantly finished 39 CT. -i Chemises and Drawers, Corset Covers, perfect COUNTER! fitting, and handsomely trimmed. Infant's Slips, Children's Cambric and Gingham Dresses, at - about cost of material. ' Consists of Night Dresses, White Skirts with Embroidery on Torch_„_ orn Ruffle. Chemises cut Pompadour style ca nm J and handsomely trimmed, Drawers to COUNTER I match Corset Covers in various styles, Infant's Slips, also Children's Dresses in Cambric and Seersucker. ' Are maJe from fine Muslin Calabries, they comprise Night Gowns, Mother Hubbard Style, and trimmed with fine 0R Embroidery on Torchorn Lace, Chemises in new ' est Styles and fineet 1 quality of ïrimming's GARDrawers to match, CorMT7MTCÏ! S6t CVerS in a11 BhapeS ittüiJNlöI and of best Embraidery on Torchorn Trimmings, Children's Cambric Dresses and Infant's ( Slips. - A few Bridal Sets comprising elegantly ■■ trimmed Night Dresses, FOR Chemises and Drawers, $1 each, well worth ONE J doublé the money ; also Night Dressep, White DOLLAR! Skirts, Chemises, Drawers, Corset Covers, Infant's Slips and Children's Dresses. We also offer 150 Dozens Boys' Unlaundried Shirt Waists, at 25 Ots. Ladies who come early get the Choice Patterns. We are always the cheapest. J( Our illustrated Catalogue of Muslin Underwear sent on application. D. F. SCHAIRER


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