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Real Estate Transfers

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The following ia a list ot the real estáte tran-fers in Washienaw county, as recorded by the register of deeds, for the wrtk ending April 30. 1888 : A. J. Robison to M A Pierce, Sharon $ 6400 T. K. Andrews to Harvey James, Ypsi 1000 H V. Deitrich to Rob't Marshall. ' 4000 UDited States toOtis Judson, Augusta H. J. Davidter (will) to T. F. Davidter Adelia Thatcher to M. J. Lehman, Chelsea. 550 D. B. Webster to Emma H. Haulord, Pittsfleld 6500 Mathias Clawson (will) to Eliiabeth Reyn olds J. J. Braun (will) to Christina C. Braun Fro8t 8t John (will) to Sarah E. 8t John Fannie A. Lewis to Cynthia A. Case, Manchester 1100 L. S. Joseph to Mell Barnes, York .0 Mell Barnes to J. W. Blakes ee, York _... 100 Mary E. Whiting to J. W. Blakeslee, York... 500 Heury Jung to John Taylor, NorthBeld 1600 Lnke Jurdan to A. M. Freer, Chelsea 135 John Twamley to H. M. Twnmley, Lyndon. John Croarkin (by sheriff) to Gregory & James, Dextervill 2100 Wm. McFetridge to Susan C. Chandler, Pittffield 6400 J. F. Clark to J. D. Stafford, Superior 1900 Almira G. Bodwell to E. H. Eberbach, A. A. city 1000 Herman Hutzel to E. Eberbaoh, A. A. city 550 Eve A. Bangs to I. and Mary F. Greenman, A. A. city 700 Kate Cummins to J. L. Strang, Ypsi. city 400 E. A. Gott to W. H. WVlls, A. A. city L00 S. H. Ostranier to J. N. Colby, Ypsi. city..... 100 Emma A. Stormsto Eve A. Bangs, A. A. city. 500 eusan M. Brokaw to Reyuolds & Davis, Ypsi. city 2000 W. A. Collins to Surah A Cook, Ypsi 550 Amerika J. ADdrews to Jennie Voorheis, Salem 1269 Charles Hall to Jacob Bolanger, Sylvan 700 J. W. Wacker to Jacob Haarer Freedoin 410 Phebe Page to George Pag8, Sylvan 1