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Real Estate Transfers

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The fullowing is a list ol the real estáte transfers in Wasbtenaw county, as reoorded by the register of deeds, for the week ending May 21, 1888: Thos. Sanford to Geo. D. San ford 8 Will A & 8 Tower to Thos. Duffy, Ypsilanti.... 3aO A & M Brown to John Giflord, Augusia.. 16(10 Mettie Deganly to John Dixon. Dexter 30" John Dlxon to Mary Reilly, Dexter 350 C. Cornwell to Geo. Hurrell, Ypsilanti 100 L. Strobal to L. Z. Foerster, Bridnewater... 45 G. W. Hurreü to L. Z. Foerster. Ypsilanti.. 10.' N C. Richardson to Svisau Richardson.... Will G. W. Spencer to Martha Barnard, Ypsilantl.!T. 3 H W & S. R. Geer to Ed. Joos, Ypsilanti... 1OU Mary Raywalt to Henrietta Bennett, Dexy 20 Rha 'jöhnsou to Phoebe Johnson, Dexter... J. T. Godfrey to Wm. J. lxse, AukusUi Wm. J. Losse to J. F. & M. Godfrey, Augus ta '00 Ann Clark to Philip Clark, Lyndon 400 Chas. Daneilson to Jane Vannetta, Dextcr 10O Chas. Moore to F.W. Cleveland, Ypsilanti, 225 Catherine James to B. aud Ann Kirk, Ypsllanti 500 Wm Burke to J. T. Jacobs, A. A 3.00 Wm. Burke to J. T. Jacobs, A. A 4500 Wm. Burke to J T. Jacobs, A. A ISOii S. Lazelle to Bradley Way, Bridgewater.... 8400 J. T. Jacobs to Wm. Burke A. A 13001) Jacob Raab to Lt-na Rhinefrank Will 8. W VoughttoS.A. Deinke. Ypsilanti.... 1 8. A Dinkie to 8. M. & N. Vought, Ypsilanti 2500 Frank Braisted to ('. H. Fish, Ypsil&nti 2000 Sarah L. Blddle to Sarah S. Camburu, Saline 1400 Helen Cainburn to Sarah J. Camburn. Saline 1400