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A Splendid Entertainment

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The closing exercises at St. Thomas' school, Tuesday night, were largely attended, and very much enjoyed by those present. The stage was beautifully trimmed, and handsomely decorated with flowers. The exercises opened with inetrumental music, by nine young ladies, three at each of the three pianos on the stage, the effect of their united playíng j ing very pleasing. Miss Theresa Kearns then recited a poem, "Welcome," in a clear, strong voice, eliciting hearty applause by her splendid delivery. Little I Lula Rinsey next seated herself at the piano, and played accompaniment while 14 hule girls from 3 to 10 years oíd sang a song. Instrumental music followed, by Misses Katie Mead, Mary Eisley, Belle and Lizzie Boner, Katie Seabolt, and Katie Smith. Misses Julia Brennan and Gertie Qrace then did Borne fine singing to the accompaniment of guitars in the hands of Misses Lizzie Frueauff and Lizzie Clancy. Fifteen little boys in brown waists, I blue pants, and blue caps, next appeared' and assisted by Miss Kate Seabolt at the piano, went through a dumb bell exercise to music, led by Don Mclntyre. This exercise was one of the finest things of the evening. Eight young girls,- Lula Rinsey, Nellie Brown, Celia Caspary, Francés Caspary Lizzie Alger, Katie Burns, Ada Bender, and Anna Sullivan,- assisted by Master Fred Rinsey, then pleased the audience witn Borne hne instrumental music on the piano. The cantata, " The Queen of May," was next produced, with MissMary Seabolt at the piano. This was the event of the evening. Miss Annie Riley made a beautiful Queen, and Gertie Grace, Nellie Watson and Susie McCue spoke their parts well. Allie Riley, in her robes of scarlet and tineel, looked a real Gypsy Queen, I and Hattie Tice, as the stolen child, sho wed iyidence of a remarkably fine voice in her inging, for one 80 young. More mental music followed by Misses Theresa Kearns, Katie MeGuire, Julia Brennan, Gertie Grace, Katie Seabolt, and Lizzie Frueauff. Five little girls, Mary Butler Mary O'Mara, Martha Roas, Lula Keams and Katie Bender, then participated in a dialogue over a deoeased kitten, that was very laughable. "Home is where mother is" wag then sung by seven little girls,- Theresa Kearns at the piano. Forty young misses in white next marched onto the etage, when Father Fierle, in a few wellchosen words, presented to Miss Mary Seabolt, a handsome gold medal, as a reward for the best attendance at mas?, and for most progress made in school, and far her general deportment as a pupil. Father Baumgartner, of Pontiac, then made a few pleasant remarks of congratulation, after which a song by the school closed the evening's entertainment. The exercises showed much care on the part of teachers and pupila, and they can feel a just pride in Tuesday night's work.


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