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One Hundred Years Old

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A remarkable woman lives in the fifch ward, íq tlie person of ATrs. Retta John son, who 8, according to the best proo [ obtainable, over one hundred years oíd. The following facts concerning her life have been obtained from her own lipa : "I was bom a slave in Maryland ; I cannot tell what year, as I have no w ritten prooi, dik can only reeuon my age írom my memory of certain events. I well re member when Washington died, as ] heard the older slaves talking about it. I didn't know who he was, but supposed from the talk that he was some great man. I belonged to John Sheckles, near Sulphur Springs, Md. Don't remeraber what city I lived near. There carne a time when my master was afraid he was going to lose his slave8 beeause of a law that was pasaed, and he sold me for $250 to a IWr Chapín, of New York, where I remained until the law freed me, and I went to Black Rock, Canada, where my husband and I lived until about twenty years ago wnen we came to Ann Arbor. I was married when in slavery and had three children when peaoe between the United States and England was declared. I well remember the great excitemeat about Napoleon and bis wars. I have never used spectacle?, and my memory is as good as ever." As Washington died in 1799, she must have been ten or twelve years old and if she was the mother of three children when peace was declared, which was in 1814, she must have been twenty or twenty-five years old at that time. Slavery was abolished in New York in 1827. There is no doubt but what M Johnson is one hundred years oíd. She does the finest kind of sewing; and a number of bed quilts were 8hown which she has pieced within the past few years without the aid of spectacles, something she has never used. Her face and white hair show extreme age, though her eyes are as bright as ever, seemingly, and she manages to visit among her neighbors, being smart and active. Her husband died soase years ago. She has raised eighteen children, all of whom are dead, and she is now living with a grandson, John Brown.


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