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Commencement Week

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On Saturday, the trains into Ann Arbo will be laden with visitors to our Unive sity commencement, and next week th crowd will be even larger. The attrac tions of the week are many. On Sunday President Angelí will gpeak to the gradu ating classes in University halL On Monday at 10 a. m. the medies of th regular school will hold their class-day exercises in the hall; oration by W. L. Griffin. The laws will have theirs in the hall at 2 p. m. of the same day; oration by Marión De Vries. The board of regents will meet on Tuesday at 10 a. m. The Hts will meet in the hall at 10 a. m.; oration by Moritz Rosenthal, and history by J. N. MeBride. At 2 p. m., under the Tappan Oak, Miss Elsie Jones, of Ann Arbor, will read the class poem ; Miss Laura Tupper, the prophecy ; and the class president, JohD H. Powell, will make an address. At 8:30 p. m., thé class will give a reception. On Tuesday next also, the dents will meet at 9:30 a. m. at the Dental college ; oratiou by E. T. Loeffler. On Wednesday of nextweek, the alumni will monopolize the day. At 9am the alumni of the Students' Christian association will meet in their room, and the Hts will meet in the chapel. At 4 p m F. B. Wïlson, of New York, 71, will speak in the hall on "A Neglected Science." The medica will hold forth at 2 p. m. in the lower Jecture room of the Medical college, with aa address by Lewis S. Pilcher, M. D., of BrooklyD, N. Y. The laws and their alumni will hold University hall at 2 p. m. Wednesday when James L. High, L L. D., of Chicago, will deliver the address. The citizens snouia not mw the opportunity of listening to him. He is one of the most accomplished lawyers of Chicago, and one of the graduates of the law gchooL At 10:30 a. m. Wednesday, the pharmics and their alumni will meet in room 20, ohemical laboratory. They will have a dinner at 12:30 p. m., followed by an addresa by Frederick Stearns, of Detroit. At 2 p. m., Wednesday, theHomoepaths J. H. Lawrence. At 10:30 the dents and their alumni will hold forth at the ooilege. At 7:30 p. m. n University hall, the annual commencement concert will ocour. It is given by the Amphion and Glee Clubs and orchestra. Part 1 will be a cantata, the libretto for which was written by Miss Elsie Jones, of Ann Arbor, and the music by R. G. Cole, both of the graduating class. Mr. Hawley will sing in this concert with the Glee club. Miss May Whedon and Miss Kate Jacobs, of Ann Arbor, and C. B. Stevens, of Detroit, will be among the singers. Prof. C. B. Cady is holding frequent rehearsals with the orchestra selected by him from Detroit musicians. The boards for sale of tickets will be open Saturday at 9 a. m., at Wahr's and Moore's. On Thursday, the forty-fourth annual commencement will take ilace. The proession will form in front of the law milding. The oration will be given by Thomas C. Chamberlin, L L. D., President of university of Wisconsio. At the lose of the conferring of the sneep-skins, iajor Soule will marshal the hungry host to the commencement dinner.


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