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OUtt 35 CENT -oi.l-.nx. Advertisemente, gueh as To Kent, For Sale o ÜOR THK NEXT 30 DAYS at 29 N Univereitv" CwrSHJa." fOfBaleIVETE LEWIS Combinatlon Foree Pump for Sale „. J?y Isaac Terry, of Dexter. is giying the , best Cabbale ete. SPrayÍDg FrU" Tl' Po'ftt0 d R nL?tYL' 13, PaPer Hanger" i . Deeorator Sien Writter, and Glazer. Would be glad to see nis customers. "uuiu ryALKS.-TAR WALKS made and repaired UniveitV B? J' Jo. 31 E A ï? ii.N nE tmak? money-The place known anT) Rnwt, Henriqu' Homestead, corner División and Bowery-sts, is for sale very cheap. Land enough for two more dwellings. Enquire of J góA5lfoilrs'taR,tEStateandICeW ing at 27 Thompaon-at. Mra. R. M. Herren AlT%Iea CMloraddress TS7"ANTED- A ftood, energetlc man to take the jy agency orsell John L. Wltmyer's fine cigars wi,t U AboILa.nd Address JohnT Witmyer, Manheim, Pa. Send Reference. vyANTED-Base, Tenor and Soprano singers to.SwCSOf2a1gdt.eW'8 ApP'y a"awk ' aDd attendance uPn a ""yW.ÍÍUT? to Rent a house in K00"1 location ''w1( OL ore rooms. Address Mrs. W. F. Ayres, 48 South Fourth-st. TX"ANTED- General nursing to do in the city, Jvl 0ou.I!tryVï at hoePals. Good references glven. Mrs. E. L. Scott, 16 N. Thayer-st W.t1MEDr.I!?ME,DIATELÏ-T'"1 800d reliable Coat-makers and one Vest-maker Good prices. Plenty of work. Solid irons. PleSCrèeSkL'ich 6Very Week' N' H" Wlnan..'?attle F?RnR?NZ7After cAugU8t Cott&ge on Ann-st. between State and División VVater and Furnaee, Inquire at 88 E. Washiuetonst. TOR BENT- A desira ble house t 42 Packard st. ApP'y at " amthgourth. ff OR RENT-A suite of Rooms in the Hamilton 1 Block. Suitable for light house keeping Adlóuito-st W" HamUton' of Hurön auPd 7OR RENT-During Commencement week and f Mr' FwREhT,Thenew bouse where Professor l VVood has Uved two seasons, just south of sa cLrhamjí:ater' gas' bam -- fss ssVarK6;6' . N. W. Cheevêr. ÜOR RENT-A Modern House with Furnace. 1 Gas and Water accommodation, in admirable vSl?IaVenuePart Cla aPP'y at 21 North iii-n a new 61 Inch Special listar two thirds Nickeled, Ball Bearinls to Wm' A Cambe""ÜOR SALE-39 South 12tb-st, large refrigerator, -l1 suitable for boarding house ;alsoKedzie filter nearly new. ' ÜOR SALE- Refrigerator, Gasolina Stove wlth A oven, Base Burner, and other Household Qoods. Apply June 22 and 23. at 35 S. DlTision-8t. $D?ns&L$t Jereey cow' In"nif f?2PALíYA Phíeton fn sood repair. Prira ïö.OO. Also a canopy top two seated phseton good as new. Price Í100.00. Cost 8175.00. I quire at 86 a. State-st. POR SALE-House and lot, 67 K WashingtonI st. IfsoldbeforeJuly 1, can be had for $1,900 Payments on easy terms. I FOR SkLE OR RENT-J1400 house," seyen I rooms, No. 35 Monroest, one block from I pus. Enqulre at 90 W'ashington-st S. D. Allen I F-OR SALE CHEAP-A good Cornet with B flat attaehments. 43 South Fourth at. TT'OR SALE- House and lot No. U WashinctonJl' st. Apply of N. W. Cheever, No. 10 North 4th-tt. f TOR SALE-Fine Black Horee. 6 years old welghs 1130 lbs.. sound, gentle and a very desirable anlmaL Cause for selliug- do not want two horsos. AddreiS L. H. Clement, 88 S. Main-st IVIILL HKLL OR EXCHANÖE- for city or farm property, 160 acres of laad in central I Dakota, two miles from railroad junction. Has I 15 acres under cultlvatioa ; 5 acres of tree ■ 10 acres best hay land. Address A., Register office, I Ann Arbor, Mich. OR SALE-Bullding Lots, fronting west side Mann st. Extra view; Sizes to suit; long time I for payments. J. D. Duncan, 76 Miller Ave? ffOR SALE OR EXCHANGE- For City lesidence, farm of 65 acres, one mile south west of City. Or will sell or exchange 15 acres I with buildings. Enquire at 36 South 5th St S I A. Henion. 656t f. ' EAL ESTÁTE FOR SALE OR RENT.-Houses and lots valued from Í1.0O0 to $6,000 and I contaiulug from one-flfth oían acre totwenty I I acres- ali In the city limits. Houses rented on I I reasouable terms in central localities. Farms I I changed lor city property. Enquire of J. Q. A.SESSION3, 5Ktf „ Attorney and Real Estáte Aeent Office over Express Office. Main St.. Ann Arbor. I TO FARMKRS-We have about 100 lbs. stout Twine, good for bag strines, and handy to I have around at auytime. Will sell it cheap I Register Office. I T OANING- Money to loan on flret daas real I L éstate mortgages at cnrrent rates of interest. Satisfactory arrangement made with capltallsts I deslrlng such investment. Every conveyance I nd transactlon in abstracts of titles carefully I tmlned as to legal eflect. Zlna P. Kin. Ann I Arbor Mich. ([, I AI2C0.00 ORDER was received by the Preserving and Pickling Company. of Ann Arbor. on I count of the advertisment which they placed In I Tuk KEOisTKR.and that is not the only one either I It pays to aavertlêe in thls paper. Every day I evidence comes in of this. Thls column Is I pecially popalar among those who wish to I vertise on a small scale.


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