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Bn ni mu" s Great Work. We are in receipt of the eventful " Life ot P. T.'Barnum," written by himself and recently revised, thug bringing the interesting book right up to the present time, by giving an accurate description of the great fire at Bridgeport laat winter and in various ways relating many things that have not heretofore been told. The price of the book has been reduced from $1.50 to 50 cents per copy, and the great showman now effers it more as a compliment to liia many friends than as a means of profit, since the price for wbich it is sold barely covers the cost of publication. It may be added that Barnum and his newly created World's Pair of almost everything under the sun is to exhibit at Ypsilanti, Wednesday, July 18, and as special excursiong are to be run from all points at about one fare for the round trip it is safe to predict that everybody will go. Nothing can constitute good breeding that haa not good nature for its foundation. „________ Advlce To Mothers. Mn, Wraslow's Soothing Syrup should always be used for children teething. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures vrind colic, and s the best remedy for diarrhoea. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Ex-Governor Foster of Ohio says that Senator Sherman will have 325 votes on the flrst ballot. " Nothing to Equal It." " I have been selling Simmons Liver Regulator for the past six years. My customers pronounce it the best ever used. One of my customers whose health was in a wretched condition from a very bad and stubborn case of Dyspepsia, used the Regulator and waa entirely cured. I am using it myself for Torpid Liver, caused by close confinement. I find nothing to equal it and hifjhly recommend its use. Respectfully, "C. P. Hisey, Druggiet, Bdinburg, Va." It doesn't bother a lawyer to see break - ers ahead- if they are law-breakers. nnynilWAHTTOMAKEMONEy? UU I UUlfso, wc can help you todo il. W in ■ make aB(i Bcl1 )arS "ne of hoaseWANT hold spi-cialtirs that ar( sold by ""' Agenta, consistlDg of Rerllnms Tft Chairs.Spring Bcds, Clothes WringI U era. C'ocks. Photograph Alhnms, ■■ a ir Blbles, Boots, Smyrna Hups. Lara MAKF CurUlns. Ktc. The Largret and iiiuriL Begt line of Agfentg gOOd, offared UflUCV b any house in thls couotrjr. HlUntl Send for CaUlopie. ddress LOVELL MFB. Co. Soz 5e2,Erie, Pa. Mention thia Paper when you write.


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