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Don't let that cold of yours run on. You think it is a light thing. But it may run into catarrh. Or into pneumonía. Or consumption. Catarrh is disgusting. Pneumonía is dangerous. Consumption is death itself. The breathing apparatus must be kept healthy and clear of all obstructions and offensive matter. Otherwise there is trouble ahead. All the diseases of these parts, head, nose, throat, bronchial tubes and lungs, can be delightfully and entirely cured by the use of Boschee's Germán Syrup. If you don't know this already, thousands and thousands of people can teil you. They have been cured by it, and " knowhow it is, themselves." Bottle only 75 cents. Ask any druggist. If suddenly submerged the stiffest hat at once becomes ducked-tile. Argonia, Kansas, under itg woman mayor has only had two cases on its pólice docket in the past year. Cathartic. - Hibbard'8 Rheumatic Syrap is one of the finest laxativos in the world, moving the bowels effectively as well as mildly, without pain, griping or weakness. It isn't more time that Mr. Keely wants What he wants is eternily. - Judge. f A and reliable Medicines are the best VJVVX to depend upon. Acker'sBlood Elixir has been prescribed f or years fox all impuritiesoftheBlood. IneveryfonnofSci-'f. nlons, Syphiliticor Mercurial diseases, itis invaluable. For Rheumatism, has no equaL John Moobe, Druggist. The price of crackers has advanced oce half cent per pound all over northwest. A Blood Tomo. - Hibbard's Rheumatic Syrup is the greatest blood purifier in the world. Reason teaches the lesson. Read their formula, found in their medical pam phlet. Congressman Kelly, of Pennsylvanif, started on his career as a proof-reader. BURDOCK Burdock Blood Bitters Purify The Blood. Burdock 'Blood Bitters Sound, Refreshing Sleep. Burdock Blood Bitters ron That Tired. Weary Feeling. Sick Headache. Gbicts:- I have been subject to Sick Headache for years, and have tried. in vain, many advertised remedies and several physicians, but all to no purpose. At last I tried your B. B. Bitters- without much faith, I admit- but to-day I can truly say , that af ter taking the third bottle, I have not suffered f rom it. I recommend it to all my friends; several have been cured by it. My little grandson was permanently cured of Bihousness and Sick Headache, which were so severe as to cause convulsiona. They have all ceased sincc he commenced the use of B.B.B. MRS. B. C. BODLE, Orange, Luzerne County, Pa. Ishpeming saloonkeepers propose to keep open on the Fourth of July to test the constitutionality of the law. EBEEBACI & SOI, DRUOGISTS And Pharmacists, No. 12 South Main Street, Keep on hand a large and well selected stock of Druqs, Medicines, Chemicals, Dye-Stufls, Artists' and Wax Flower Materials, Toilet ArticIes.Trusses, and PURE WINES & LIQUORS Special attention paid to the furnlshlng of Physicians, Chemists, Schools, etc., with Philosophical and Chemical Apparatus, Bohemian Chemical Glass-ware, Porcelain Ware, Pure Reagents, etc. Physicians' Prescriptioas carefully prepared at all hours. LUMEEB LUMBER! XUMBER! [f you contémplate building cali at FERDON LIMÏAi! Corner Fourth and Depot Sta., and get our figures for all kinds oí LUMBER We manufacture our own Lumbei and guarantee VERY LOW PRIOBS n-Ui ve iis a cali nuil we wlll mafee 1 1 te our lulcrcsl, as nr IirK and rell icrarti'd stock liilly austains our asserllOD. JAMES TOLBKBT, Prop. T. J. KKECH, Sopt.


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