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James Means & Co.

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The dortor nnrt the letter-carrier are not talklnir bout ca.e of i-rbui illnes.. Th.y ■Impl; ■ work to StcuH the merit. of thHr .hoi-.. Th. IctterÏÏST.'i 'he Jame. Mn. 3 Shoe 1. the bmt ra the "orld " he doctor denie. it. and ..r thal the J.mes Mein 4 shoc i bettet. CoMiderins Uu uceds vi eavlj, tb.; in botk righu I Button, Lace and Corirre?s L!". AsK rour irtailer ft the JAMES MEA.NS 4 ShOe or tlie JAMES MEAS 3 SHOE, accrdiiu'K ournceds. l'ositively mmegenuine unlessourstanipappears plaioly on the soles. JAMES MEANS S4 SHOE W1I1 not wcar so long as the JAMES MEANS $3 SHOE, Bocanse It Is made for men whose occnpaüons are such aa kad them to cali for a lichter and more dressy shoe than the JAMES MEANS 3 SHOE. Our $3 Shoe has cstablished for itself a p'rmanont rf putation Mr comfort and durability such as no other shoe has ever known in tnc history of thé trade. No competitors are able to approaca it. The James Meana 4 Shoe Is lht and styUsh, and it is as durable as any shoe of its weignt ever manufacturad We confldentíy assert that in every vital respect the Jamos Mearis 4 Shoe is equal to the Kand-sewed sho-s which have hitherto been retailed at tS or 7. It haa a Doñeóla top and soamless calf vamp It has a perfeetly smooth bottom insule. It flts lifce a stockinc, and requlrr no " hreaking In," being ucrtectlyeasy the lirst time itisworn. . . . . James Means and Co.s Shoes ere the flrst in hls r,,untrv to advertised. If you have been d'sappóinted in other advertised Shocs, your experanco oSt lo t.ach you that it is safer to buy shoes mode by t!„ leadera of a systera, rather than thosc made by tho followers. These shoes are sold by the best reuniera throughout the Vnited States, and wc wiH place them easily withln your nach, in any State or Terrifory, ,tt yoo will send us a postal card. 41 Lincoln St.. Boston, Mass.


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