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Prize Studies Of Tornadoes

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The American Meteorological Journal, desiring to direct the attention of studente to tornadoes, in hopes that vaïuable results may be obtained, offers the following prizes : For the best original essay on tornadoes or description of a tornado, $200 will be given. For the second best, $50. And among those worthy of special mention $50 will be divided. The essays must be sent to either of the editors, Professor Harrington, Astronomical ObseTvatory, Ann Arbor, Michigan, or A. Lawrence Rotch, Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory, Readville, Mass., before the first day of July, 1889. They must be signed by a nom de plume, and be ac.conipameu vy sealed envelope addressed with the same nom de plume and enclosing the real name and address of the author. Three independent and capable judges will be eelected to award the prizes ; and the papers receiving them will be the property of the Journal offering the prizes. A circular giving fuller details can be obtained by application to Professor Harrington. One Michigan politician, whose name is not given, is reported to have said in Chicago: "Gresham will never do. Four years ago while postmaster-general he would not Jet the New York post-office employés work for Blaine. That alone was enough to defeat our candidate. Again.GreBham is surrounded by a crowd of mugwumps and free traders. Wedon't want anything to do with that crowd. We want a politician - one who will keep everything the party gets and who won't get in any baby business." We doubt if a keen politician would talk like that. It is extremely silly and harmful talk. The quicker the young Republican element rises up ar.d weeds out that kind of " politician " from the party, the sooner will the party rule. This open and bold defiance of the demand that our civil service be removed from " politics " is injuring the Republican party. The Bhameful abuse which Cleveland has permitted in the Federal offices in Indiana is the chief obstacle to Democratie success there this fall. It is bad " politics " to favor the spoils system, and whenever we hear a " politician " doing it we think he cares for the "spoils" himself more than for the party 's good.


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