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Crain and Frovlslons. Chicago, June SO. FLotm- Market dull. Winter. H.25S4.75; Spring, H.OOíM.ISO; Patents, f4.50@5.00; Rye Flour, B. 1048.50. Whkat- Market easy. No. 2 Spring, cash, í?t4@82c; July, R1Jííl82Hc; August, 82,@ 9SHc; December. 85aní85Vic. Corn- Market active and easy. No. 2, 50 5OV4c; No. 3 4?,&4Rc; Xo. 3 Yellow, 4814&49c; No. 4, 4ü'tc; July, 50Vi@M'ic; August, 51L52c; September, 51!í&&2Mc. Oats - Market quiet and steady. No. 2 cash, 8ïc; June dellvery, 33 3 3.! fe c; July. 3Hí3Hc; ampie lots quotable as íollows: No. 3, Sl@ 34c: No. S White, 3533C!-ic; Nü. S, 33334c; No. 2 White, 3U"2(a38c. Kyk- Market unchanged. No. 2 cash, 56c; August quotable 5254c; samples of No. 2 sell al 6K862C. Babley - Market nominal. S-.imple lots 45@ 46c íor common or good gnules ot Xo. 3. No. i lor September quotable at Ho, Mess Pokk - Market fair and pricps lower. Quotations ranged at tl3.50&l.'i.itf) for cash; I13.5O@'.3. tor July; 13.6OS13.:5 for August, Md 13.rO13.SVíí for September. Lard - Market active and pnces easíer. Quotations ranged at Í8.22y5iíí8.25 lor cash; 8.25 88.37'4 for July; f8.35 . 8.45 for August, and tS.424'(ï8.y) lor September. New Yokk. June 20. Wheat- Quiet, hut HttlG highcr on report of bad weather. No. 2 Red June, Mtc; July, S9afc9%c; Aurust, SK)3o;c; September. Dlnfc 91?ic; December. MHÖ94HC; May. 8tj ,r. Corn- New Mixed Western blgher and Iteady. Oats- Dull, and partially 'ie higher. Western, 364tic. PB0T18I0N8- Beel (uil: New Kxtra, $T.00@ no. Pork dulll'ut steady; New Mess, Í15.25'8 ffi.B0;'Old Mess, Hi.uuH.M. Lard wcak; steaiaTendered, $8.60. Live Stock. Chicago, june 20. Catti.e- Market moderately ai-tne and prices steady. Quotations ranged tttí5.006.40 for good to choice and extra shipping Steers; M.00S4.90 (or common to good do. ; 3.'.84.U0 for Butchers' Steers. K.50O8.S5 for Stoikers; M.0O@3.75 for Feeders; ta.00a3.75 forTexans; Í2.25&8.75 for Cows, and t-'.(KXÍt3.'.5 for inferior mixed stock and Bulla. Hogs- Market falrly active and higher. Sales ranged at io.454s5.oO for light, S5.45g5.55 for rough packlng; 5.5bi35.70 for mixed, and I5.W) kX'j.bJ íor heavy packing and shipping lots.


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