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One Botllc t'urod Illm. A.. H. Thompson, Rockford, Iil., writ -s: "I have been traubled wilh CaUrrh For years, nothing helped me nntil I tried Fapillon Cutarrh Cure. I tollowed direction, and with less thaa one bottle, I im oured." Papillou (extract of flax) Catarrh Cure will positively and perrnanenlly cure Bronchial Catarrh, Acute or Chrooic Catarrh, also Rose Cold and Hav Fever. Lïrge bottles $1-00, for sale by Eberb ich & Son. The wool market is the most inactive thing in Michigan at present. "T-C vv rv would eDJoy your dinner 3 and are prevented by Dyspepsia, use Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets. They are a positive cure for Dyspepsia, Indigestión, Flatulency and Constipation. We guarantee them. 25 and 50 cents. John Moobf, Drupgist Grand R'pids' new city directory shows a popnlation of 85,000. Wai: - Let'g try Hibburd's Rheumatic Syrup. Everywhere I go I hear it sp k en of in great praise as a tonic and a;petizer. The Adrián cai.nn.' factory has made about 500,000 can th's pesson. Habitual cin-ti'ioii can bp entirely cured by the use of Hibbard's Rheumatc Syrup after all othir remedies have failcd. Jliss Jenny Fiord personally manage? her fortune of $5;000.000. For the Lililíes. There ae some complaints to which wotnen are peculiarly liable, and froni which they will suffer in 8llence for years, when they could be easily eured by the use of Pumeroy's Petroline Piasters. lts healing and eoothing propertiej have met, wlth uuiversal and unqualified commendation from all using them Ladies who have never used them will fiud it to their advantage to try them. If they once do to, they will never be without them again. For Sale by II. J. Brown, Dist. Agt. for Ann Arbor. Fifty thousand dollars of outráde niiney his come into Branch coutity this f=pring for horses shippcd away. Headachs can be cured by Hibbard's Rbeuma'iü Syrup. It removes the caue by regutating the stomach, correcling ïmproper digestión and gener 1 flow of the blood. Mrs Hamilion D uglas, nf Atlant, ia the onlv wnrnan lwyer in Georgia. Dr. FlaiiK's Family Oinlineut Never ímiIí u sooihe and heal Cuts, Burns, Bruises Fi.esh Wounds, Inflammation, sprajns, plmplks. ühilblains, Salt Rheum, Chapped Lip-i or Hand, Frost Bites, Cold Sores Sore Nipples, and all dispares nd eruotions of the Skin. A view of oopper, all 'gel to hn rich, hns heen found near the new state prison in Murquetie. Dyspepsia or uidi?estion alwsvs yields to the curative proporties of Hibbard'8 Rheumalic Syrup, containing, a it does, nature's specific for the stomach. S vcnieen-venr l.)cuts appeared ia ewarmg Monday Bt Clinton, Ia.


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