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ñ HERYE TONIC. Pk Celery and Coca, the prominent in■ gredlenta, are the beat and safest ■ ■ Serve Tonica. It atrengthens and ._. _ __i k. quieta the nerroua syrtem, curíng "j mm% Nerrous Weakjoean, Hjsteria, .uUpjfl WM It dnvs r.ut thc poiínpAiis c-f ItJ a the blood purifying and enriching it, {■ ' ■ and so overcoming thoee diseaees #■ I # H# SEdM"11 topure or top0Ter" m Wv I ITL I T LAXATIVE. fc"' % to m F Actingmildlybutsnrclyonthebowp'.H it ctires habitual constipation, and ■[ vai F promotes a regular habit. Itstrength■iB ens the etomach, and aids digestión. m " . l DIURETIC. AV #% MM Í #% I I ■% #■ ín lu eomposition the best and most active diureticsof the Materia Medica ï U 1 1 1 M U UI I U arecombinedscientificallywithothtT W pffeetive remedies for diseascs of the B ■ kidneya. It can be relied on to give quick relief and speedy cure. For The NERVOUS iïïAiSl The DEBILITATED wliS2: .u. ' The AGED. BUBLINGTOI. VT.


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