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Lew Clement was in South Lyon, Monday. Mr. and Mr?. Jas. Tice spent Sunday m Brighton. Chas. Minnis, of Jackson, was d town, yesterday. Miss Ida Cook will remain in Big Rapids another year. Bertha Rogers, of Homer, is a guest of Mrs. Lew Clement. Dr. and Mrs. Vaughan gave a reception last Friday evening. Miss Kate Ponsford, of Evart, is a guest of Mrs. E. A. Kline. Prof. Vaughan and Prof. Denison left for Europe, Monday night. Hon. C. H. Manly says he is going to give up the abstract business. Prof. Hennequin and Fred. Scott will write a play for Roland Reed. T. Y. Kayne is now in Chicago, in charge of the Chicago truss company. Mrs. Dr. Dunster and daughters leave for an extended trip in the east next week. Mrs. Fannie Robison is spending the summer with her son Mack, at Manchester. Mrs. T. W. Peers, of Topeka, Ks., is visiting her father?, Wm. Wagner, of this city. Mr. and Mre. Wm. Goetz returned yesterday from their wedding trip to Marshall. Dr. W. J. Herdman read a paper before the State medical society in Detroit last week. Mrs. Moses Downing, of Holly, Mich., is visiting Mrg. Carrie Carman, of K Ingalls-8t. Miss Rose Hoffman, of Tyrone, will spend the sumraer in this city with Mrs. J. Hoffman. Miss Emma Hayley, formerly with Andrews & Co., can now be found at Wines & Worden's. Mrs. A. L. Noble is " at home " to numerous lady friends from four to six o'clock this afternoon. Miss Helen Lovell, of Byrn Mawr, lit. '87, is visiting her sister, Miss Harriet Lovell, lit. '91. Mrs. Wm. Theisen, formerly of Ann Arbor, now of Toledo, is visiting Mrs. Caspary, on Ann-st. Wm. Hatch, 27 East Williara-sr, who has so long been confined to his bed by illness, is no better. E. F. Lohr, lit. '84, who bas been teaching in South Bend, Ind., is visiting his parents on Packard-st. J. D. Stimson left for Ingersol, (Jat., yesterday, for a few days' visit with his brother, Gr. G. Stimson. Jas. A. Robison, court reporter of the Detroit Free Press, spent Sunday with his father, John J. Robison. Prof. Hinsdale will address the graduating class of the Eaton Rapids high school at that place today. Mrs. Catherine Hardy, wife ot Rev. Seth Hardy, died at her home in Ypsilanti, Friday, aged 49 years. Miss Florence Whitcombe, lit, '88, who has been spending the past year in Europe, is visiting Mrs. J. C. Knowlton. Miss Laura Webster, of Owosso, will spend several weeks in the city with her grandfather, Charles Spoor, Fitfh-st. Mrs. Fred W. Schulz and daughter returned Saturday, from a two weeks visit with relatives at Marshall and Jackson. Wm. Allaby went to Chicago, Saturday, to take in the convention, and also to visit a brother who is in business in that city. John R. Miner leavei, Saturday, for a few days recreation among his boyhood acquaintances in Ashtabula county, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Arndt will entertain the students of the Homeopathie department, Friday night of this week, at their residence. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hawks, of Birmingham, are here visiting Mrs. Hawks' parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Stimson, W. Huron-st. Gorden Welch, with Fred Stimson, left for his old home, Hanover, today, to attend commencement exercises of the high school thero. Miss Maud Yan Aredale gave a delightful birthday party to fourteen of her young lady friends last Saturday. She was twelve years old then. Mr. aDd Mrs. Fred Newcombe attended the closing exercises of the Instituto at Flint, last Thursday. Mr. Newcombe is a junior in the university. Erwin F. Smith, of Ann Arbor, leaves this week for the peach regions of Delaware, where he will spend the summer in the study of peach yeliows. Prof. J. B. Davis who was called here from the north woods as witness ia the Cornwell-Swift case returned to his class on Friday. They are expected home next week. Prof. Hennequin has rented his property on Washiugton-st, formerly oceupied by Mr. Mahon, to Mrs. Lydicker from near New York city, a sister of Mrs. Dr Jones. Probate Register W. G. Doty spent Sunday with his parents in Manchester. Mrs. Doty, who had been there for several days, returned with him to Ann Arbor, Monday. J. L. Stone, E. H. Scott, A. J. Sawyer, J. C. Knowlton, A. J. Paisley, and J. E. Sumner, left for a big time, Monday, among the finny tribes in the vicinity of Cadillac. Geo. A. Douglaa, who has been travelng for the past eix months for the Eagan Truss Co., in the west, will be here to the ïigh school commencement, when his son George graduates. W. F. Ayers, of the T. & A. A. freight office, went to Lansing Sunday, to see his raother, Mrs. H. C. Ayers, who is quite 11. Mrs. Ayers, who had been in Lansing !or some days, returned home with him. A party of twenty-five intímate friends were present at the wedding of Edwin Dygertand Misa Carrie Roe at Dr. Steele's re8idence Friday morning. The young couple left on the noon train for Omaha, tieb., where Mr. Dygert is in business. Dr. Alfred Graham and wife, of Philadelphia, and W. M. Featherly and wiie, of ihe Lakeside Monitor, were visiting J. P. Hoffman and wife, last week. Dr. Graaam is going to Minnenpolis to engape in a professorship in the University of Minnesota. Julius V. Seyler, who has been in Europe for the past year studying music, was expected home this sumtner, but has concluded to remain another year in Berlin under the instruotions of that great mustian, Hans Von Bulow. Mr. Bilbie, the violinist, will leave Ann Arbor, Aug. 1, and will join Mr. Seyler in Berlín, where he will remain a year. Prof'. B. C. Burt, of the University, who spent a cortion of the year at Johns Hopkins University, studying psychology under Stanley Hall, is at present eDgaged in preparing a short history of Greek philosophy (now in the pubhsher's hands) and in translating a portion of the "Grundrin der Q-erchiehte du Philosophie" of Prof. Erdmann, of Halle, which will appear in English. Geo. W. Hungerford, of the firm of Morgan & Hungerford, of the Ann Arbor Preserve and PicWing company, is a goodlooking Englishman who arrived in Ann Arbor, Sunday, direct from India via. England. He brougbt his family with him, and will make Ann Arbor his home in the future. This enterprising firm have and will push business, and it promises to be a valuable acquisition to the county. The friend8 of Tom. Peche, the young gradúate from the literary and law departments of the University who became insane by over-study and was sent to the Pontiac asylum several months ago, will be glad to learn that he is improving in health, and his physicians have strong hopes of his entire recovery of tnind and body within a few months. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Lewis had a pleasant visit with him last Friday and brought these pleasant facts.


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